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Which Is Better On The Wii? Boxing Or Baseball Or Bowling?

I love my Wii and if you have one I bet you do too so tell me what your fave game is on Wii sports.

Who Do You Think Would Generally Perform Better…motocross Racer Or Baseball Player?

Who do you think would generally do better in the other sport? A professional motocross racer playing baseball or a professional baseball player racing motocross?
A little bet we have at work.

What Is The Best Free Baseball Betting System?

Systems generally don’t work. Looking at the right statistics and matchup stats is the best solution. I generally don’t recommend looking at stats that are from season’s prior to the current. I like the Pirates tonight -1.5 and OVER against the Nationals. The Bucs are swinging HOT bats in the last four games, have their ace on the hill, and are facing one of the worst bullpens in the league. You can check http://dagus-statistics.com for free daily MLB picks and other helpful sports betting tips. Hope this helps!

In Sports, Especially Baseball, Why Does Everyone Calculate „games Over/under .500″ Incorrectly?

The San Francisco Giants are 25-35 today. How many games under .500 is that?
If you said 10, you should get a math tutor. If you said 5, hooray! You are in a VERY small minority of people who calculate it correctly.
I can’t even recall the last time I heard someone in the media calculate a team’s over/under .500 stat correctly.
For example, if a team has played 10 games and lost every single one, they’re 0-10. Every single sports broadcaster, commentator, writer, writer’s dog, writer’s dog’s uncle, etc, refers to such a team as being 10 games under .500.
That is completely, utterly, flat-out WRONG!!
After 10 games, a .500 team would be 5-5. The difference between 0-10 and 5-5 is… what’d’ya know, FIVE games! So an 0-10 team is five games under .500.
This is not rocket surgery. So why does EVERYONE get it wrong?
(I bet I’ll get some answers that insist 0-10 is indeed 10 games under .500. To those answerers I say, give your elementary school math teacher a call.)

How Does The Point Spread/betting Line Work In Baseball?

like what does |Yankees…10—8.5 …Indians

Where Could I Find People That Want To Make Money Betting Baseball?

Talk to Pete.

Pete Rose Was Banned From Baseball Forever, Because He Gambled On His Sport, With No Proof That He Bet Against

his team or did anything to cheat the game. So what should be done with the steroid users?

Why Is Professional Baseball Such A Joke And Full Of Hypocrites?

Ok, in baseball, you can take drugs to enhance your game (Bonds) but if you are caught betting on the game, you are banned for life (Pete Rose). What about Mark Mcguire?
Bonds continues to be cheered on even though everyone knows he is reaching this goal by cheating. If in bicycling, what would have happened to Lance Armstrong if he was under the same situation that Bonds is in?
Does this mean that Michael Vick should have played baseball and fought his dogs? Baseball has never been the same since the strike and, in my opinion, should no longer be called America’s passtime.
Thank you to the NFL and every other sport out there still keeping the integrity. Why can’t baseball have this same ethics?

What Makes Baseball The Most Enjoyable Sport?

I have to tell you I spend a great deal of my life watching, reading stats, injury reports, box scores, etc. I for some reason enjoy BaseBall more than any sport- and even in contest where you have to pick winners against Vegas odds etc, like on http://www.CrazyDaddy.net , I win at a higher rate. I have won Vacations, Trips, Money, Contests, you name it.
What in your opinion makes baseball a more enjoyable Sport to concentrate your betting efforts on?

Who Does Not Watch Or Follow Televised Sports, Football Baseball, Hockey Soccer Basketball Tennis Golf, ?

who does not like or watch and follow sports, serious question, do you have friends, how do you get along in society, where you work, when there is a big game, and everybody bets, do you not follow sports and members of your family do, how do you get on, is there friction, inconvenience, how is your social life, answers accepted from anyone thanks