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Olg College Basketball?

anybody here lives in canada and bet on OLG sports lottery? even if you are from somewhere what do you think of todays basketball picks. any good picks?

I Lost In Basketball To A Cheerleader Will She Just Forget Or What Do You Think She’ll Make Me Do For Losing?

I lost a bet to a cheerleader named Cathy at my school. I said girls can’t beat guys in sports and cheerleading isn’t a sport. We bet if I beat a cheerleader in basketball she had to be my maid all year, but if she beat me, she gets to make me cheer any way she wants.
I lost in basketball to a cheerleader named Cathy. Will she just forget or what do you think she’ll make me do for losing the bet?
We only have girls cheer here and the uniforms are little red and white outfits with tiny skirts!

Point Spread In Betting In Basketball. How Does It Work?

When the point spread says (-2 1/2) for a certain team and it says (click to bet on _______ to cover the point spread) what does it mean?

How Does Basketball Betting Work?

I am going to south lake tahoe and want to bey on the lakers game. can i just bet that the lakers win straight up or do i have to bet on a points spread. what does it pay out if i bet straight up. and what casino there should i bet at.

Will The Nba Ref Get Hung Up To Dry By The Fbi For Betting On Basketball Games He Officiated??

if so…what does that say about the NBA as a league?
ever thought that a GOOD chunk of change was on betting tables AND that the person MAKING THE BET CAN INFLUENCE THE RESULT OF THAT GAME??
the creditation and validation of the sport will be compromised as it effects fouls thrown for no reason etc…
it WILL be worse than Pete Rose betting on baseball..

How Do I Tell My Wife I Lost A Lot Of Money Betting On An Exhibition Basketball Game?

I just figured that the Harlem Globetrotters had to lose sometime, and thought last night was gonna be the night. Now Im down 2 grand to my bookie friend and he wants me to pay up. What do I do???

How Do You Read A Spread Like -7.5 Or +7.5 When Betting On Basketball?

Think about it this way. If you bet on a team that is listed with a spread of -7.5, deduct 7.5 points from that team’s final score. If they still win the game, then you win the bet.
If you bet on the underdog, which in this case would be listed as +7.5, then you add 7.5 points to their score. Again, if they win with the modified score, then you win your bet.
Lines are set based on where the books believe where the 50% line will fall (i.e. they will get 50% of the bets on one side and 50% on the other). A half-point line simply means they couldn’t decide on whether they should set it at 7 or 8 points. This doesn’t change how it works, it just means that there is no way to tie the spread.

Who Does Not Watch Or Follow Televised Sports, Football Baseball, Hockey Soccer Basketball Tennis Golf, ?

who does not like or watch and follow sports, serious question, do you have friends, how do you get along in society, where you work, when there is a big game, and everybody bets, do you not follow sports and members of your family do, how do you get on, is there friction, inconvenience, how is your social life, answers accepted from anyone thanks

Why Is Football The Number One Sport In America If Basketball Is More Exciting?

I think it’s because football is the biggest betting sport- that’s all!

What Is The Best Sports Book In Vegas For Watching The Ncaa Basketball Tourney?

I’m looking for…
1. Comfort (a lot of room, enough room for 10-12 guys to all sit together)
2. Number, size, and clarity of the TV screens.
3. Wouldn’t mind betting on horses at the same time too.
I’ve been to the Mirage twice and it is great. I’m wondering if there is anything better.