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Why Do Sports Becomes Someone Being?

I just read a post were someone bet their life(he he)on a score of a game, other posts and heated debate about who is the MVP and I read a post where someone could not do their homework because a team lost . don’t get me wrong I am one of these people too but why do we get so involved in something that we do not have any control over and why do we care so much that who is the best and which team is the best where we get mad at other because their opinions on these matters are different form ours?

Whats The Name Of The Foreign Film Where A Son Goes Becomes A Bookkeeper To Prove Himself To His Landlord Dad?

I think it may have been a German film. its not that old maybe 90’s . The stars dad was a wealthy landlord, but very mean and not on speaking terms with the mother. He goes to work as a bookmaker and passes on a relationship to become successful and his true love marries another bookkeeper.The dad never admits he is the father until the end in a letter.Thanks in advance!

IQ test

How Long Can I Hold A Winning Betting Slip Before It Becomes Invalid?

Or is there no time scale?