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Have Any Members Of The Man Utd Squad From 2000-current Been On A Question Of Sport?

bit of a random question, but need evidence of any answers given in order to settle and arguementt and win a bet!!

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Wouldn’t Today Have Been The Perfect Day For The Winter Classic Game?

I was thinking about how no good sports games were on today(or really any) yet everyone was home in front of the TV. I bet alot of people would of tuned into it at a 1pm est start time compared to how it will be New Years day with all the College football games competing with the slot time.
Basketball is no big deal, but if Hockey started at 1pm, an hour earlier than those crappy basketball games, they could of really gained a good audience with full attention.

I Am A West Ham Fan, Why Is That The People With The Biggest Mouths Are Arm Chairs Never Been To A Game Fans?

Loads of people claim they support Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man Utd. I bet they have never bought a seson ticket been to away matches even know the history of the club. All they do is turn on Sky sports on a Sat. These people are sad! Cause you look out for there result know and again does not make you a fan, so please armchair fans keep your opions to your self cause you have no right to slag off other teams until you been to whatch your clubs season after season.

Odds For The 2010 Afl Premiership Have Been Released, What Do You Think?


My Website Has Been Dropped By Yahoo, Not Sure Why?

Hi technical team, I was wondering if you were able to offer any explanation or help with the following search engine problems we are experiencing with both Yahoo.com and Yahoo.com.au
We cannot locate our website if we type in our company name ?southern cross metal recyclers? directly into the search engine and filter for Australia only, how could this happen to our website??? None of this makes any sense, how could we go from No 1 for scrap metal on Yahoo.com.au to not being in the first 1000 searches?? Can you help me please?
My name is Peter Thomas from Melbourne Australia and I am the owner and webmaster of http://www.southerncrossmetalrecyclers.com.au/. We have been active on the internet for 8 years and have gained respect in our community as a well presented and informative website with over 3625 pages and 6178 inward links. For some time we have been No 1 on Yahoo.com.au for the term ?scrap metal? and No 11 for Yahoo.com for the same term in almost 22,000,000 search results. For some reason, our site has been dropped by Yahoo for all search terms that we have always ranked very well with. We have been building our site for some time now to be optimised for many search terms and up to the time that Yahoo dropped our ranking we have always been in the top 10 ? 15 for hundreds of different search terms. We are currently and have been for some years ranked No 1 & 2 on Google.com.au and No 2 on Google.com for the terms ?scrap metal?. We have been careful to not list or link to any banned sites, adult or gambling or other sites that may create any problems. Our site is the largest most comprehensive scrap metal recycling information compendium site of its type in Australia and perhaps Worldwide. It has been our aim to offer information, specifications, codes, prices, services, pictures including slide shows on all topics relating to scrap metal recycling and processing services. But now we cannot be found in the Yahoo directory when filtering for an Australia only search and using terms that would in all probability land any search directly on our site. We cannot be found in the first 1000 searches, in fact there are sites that rank higher than us that in a website sense are very basic and not well constructed. If as the webmaster of this site I have made some fundamental error then it would be helpful to understand the problem that I have created causing this to happen. Our site currently has over 1000 unique visitors daily viewing over 2500 pages. In my web statistics you can see how many referrals we get from each search engine and before this problem Yahoo was an excellent referral site, however due to this problem we are now not getting any traffic from your search engines. I am coming to you in a humble manner asking you in all honesty what we have done and how we can rectify a very obvious problem.
Kindest Regards
Peter Thomas
Southern Cross Metal Recyclers

Should I Be Concerned If My Husband Has Been Viewing Personal/erotic Massage Ads On Craiglist?

I have been married to my husband for 5 years and have 2 toddlers. I know my husband regularly looks at porno internet sites because I see the sites on the history. I have confronted him about his porno viewing several times and let him know it bothers me very much. However, he always denies it. We recently went on a 3 day vacation to Lake Tahoe. On the last night of our trip, he got dressed up in the evening and claimed he was going out to gamble and that it brings him good luck to shave and dress up. He was gone from about 9 p.m. to about 2 a.m. This evening at home I was looking up information on the internet and just happened to notice on the History that he had viewed a personal massage ad on Craigslist (among other personal erotic ads) for a woman in Reno. It was definitely sexual as the woman in the ad promises to be discreet and sensual. I am shocked and am wondering if he just viewed the ad out of curiosity or if he really did meet this woman. I was surprised that he took the time to shave and dress up just to go gambling. I’m sure this probably sounds very naive of me but I just can’t believe my husband would answer an erotic ad especially when he has a faithful wife and 2 children???

What Would You Do If You Found Out Your Husband Has Been Lying To You For Months?

My husband and i have had more then our fair share of problems along time ago almost 4 years ago we went to marriage counciling for he has an internet addition. We didnt have a computer in the house in order to save our marriage. We have had a computer for about a year and I found he is up to his old tricks. Our five year old almost saw some very grafic images. And the jerk just doesnt get it. The fact is he is a lier and a jerk. I want a divorce but I have no money of my own and two kids. I broke ever computer in the house and know i have to use the library pc. It sucks. my husband is a porn addict. He also is in to gambling, what should i do,

Has Anyone Been To The Casino In St. Croix, Us Virgin Islands? What Is The Minimum Age To Gamble There?

I’ve looked on the internet and there was a page copyrighted 2000 that says 21, but I need something updated or someone thats actually been.

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Iv’e Been On A Losing Streak Betting On Horses, Hit Last Double, What Are Good Numbers To Play?

For three days I did not win a race, then the last day at Bellmont I bet a dollar on 1,4 with 3 in the 8 th & 9 th double. What am I doing wrong. Handicaping is not the way to always win big, if it were everybody would win. Sometimes a name or number will hit me and betting to place sometimes pays more and doubles my chances. I play 3251 superfectas because I want to win a BMW or two door Rolls Royce?


In India,betting Has Been Legalised In Which Sports?

Horse racing, if I’m not mistaken is the only sport where you can legally place a bet, in India.