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What Size Pants Does A Woman Have To Wear Before Having A Big Belly Comes With It?

serious question! i don’t know squat about how women size their pants. for instance, if a woman wears a size 12, is it a good bet that she’s sporting a big belly too? what is the cut-off size between just a little chubby and just downright fat?


When Sports Teams/stars Say A Quick Prayer To God Before A Game, Does He, Like, Listen?

I see it all the time. Usually Italian soccer teams. They come on th piitch, kiss their crucifix and look to the Heavens. And then get beaten. Or boxers. They might both pray to God before a bout. Then when they lose doesn’t this shatter their faith? Does God even listen? If God is with them, then who is against them? What’s God’s favourite team? Does he even like sport? Can someone who speaks with Him please ask Him who’s going to win next years World Series. So I can, like, place a bet…

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Should Football Become An Olympic Sport Before Soccer?

I am against soccer being in the Olympics and am with Peyton Manning in wanting to see football as part of the Olympics at least at the amateur level. I bet foreigners are working hard to keep football out of the Olympics and probably want soccer in. Which sport do you think will win a Olympic sport first?

What Laws Do I Need To Know Before I Open Up A Gaming Site?

I’m thinking of starting my own online sports betting site..
What rules, laws and regulations must I know first?? I live in California.

How Much Can I Bet Legally In Nevada On A Sports Game Before I Have To Pay Federal Taxes?

There is no tax on betting on sports games, there is only tax on winning on sports games.

How Long Can I Hold A Winning Betting Slip Before It Becomes Invalid?

Or is there no time scale?

Before Betting Money On A Horse Race, What Is Important To See In A Horse’s Physical Appearance?

I have heard that some people can determine which horse will win a race by studying its physical appearance and looking for certain characteristics. Can you give me some tips as to what to look for in appearance?

What Laws Does A Person Need To Deal With Before He Can Open Say A Sports-betting Site?

best thing is do a off shore one like camen island or coast rica. you would advoid all irs and other related laws. its open world in off shore gaming sites.

I Have Money In A Betting Account But Am Being Told I Have To Make A Deposit Before I Can Withdraw Money?

Have been told by Coral betting site that i am unable to withdraw my existing balance becasue my card i had used is now out of date and the only way to update the details is my making a deposit.
I do not wish to make a deposit and belive i must be entitled to my own money or is this not the case and infact they have every right to hold my money?

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Where Can I Find The Best Sports Betting Tips Before I Place A Bet With Betfair?

I am looking for FREE, honest betting tips and advice. I enjoy betting, but would like to know more inside info before placing a bet, especially on horse racing and football (soccer).