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Is Being The Head Coach Of The Raiders Really Good For Tom Cable’s Anger Management?

I bet he kicks puppies too. What a turd…http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?

Mat Le Tissier Is Being Investigated By Police For A Betting Scam?

he wrote about it in his book taking le Tiss
does anybody know any more about it ?

Why Is Tiger Woods Life Being Talked About On Politcal Shows!!!??ugh You People?

How is it relevent to anything? Even the shows I like, Hannity,Rush, but even the liberal too and all the news channels, they are pissing me off, Oh my gosh, another ATHLETE CHEATS ON HIS WIFE..big deal? But everyone SWOOPS in like VULTURES ready to mouth off their opinion. But take a CHILL PILL, because honestly MOST MEN given his situation/opportunity of women would do the same thing…so shut up. Ya know, i heard tiger was actually kind of a sonbitch in real life…but i would TOTALLY make him my NEW favorite athlete(even though I only watch UFC) if he said „Okay, everybody shut up. Mind your own business. This has nothing to do with golf or politics” Just like Barry Bonds did when people flamed him about steroids and it was ALLL OVER the news, politcal shows . But he said „Everybody lies, y’all’ve lied. Go clean your own closet before you clean someone elses.” Hell, and Barrys thing actaully HAD TO DO with his sport. I wish tiger would man up and say something similar. BUT, because of PEOPLE like you,a nd all this media crap, hes taking an „break” from golf. Well i hope you SPORTS PEOPLE are happy! You made him quite because of all the ATTENTION and IMPORTANCE you give to SPORTS, ATHLETES, and there LIVES.
Why are we all getting self RIGHTIOUS about it and talking about how bad he is? There are PLENTY of people we can do that about, but people are so NOSEY and self rightious. I dont care if you have an opinion about what he did. It DOESNT MATTER retards!.
Whats that have to do with our ECONOMY and our relations with other countries? Nothin! I mean if they mentioned it for a couple minutes, ok fine maybe. But they TALLLLK and TALLK and JABBER about it!
AMERICANS are sport OBSESSESD, thats the problem! Get some perspective dumbies! Its a game, they are players, quite IDOLIZING THEM. YOU PEOPLE know who you are! You go to stupid games, have season seats that cost thousands of dollars, you trade time for having sex for „watching the game”(GAY!) you PANT your face like a CHILD, you throw TANTRUMS like a child when your stupid team LOSES. And why do you let yourself have such NEGATIVE emotions over a team just because they are from your state?! They GET TRADED anyway all the time, and were from DIFFERENT states to begin with anyway! They have NOTHING in common with you. Some of you morons even get TATTOOS of your team! LLAAAAME! Jeeez..GET A LIFE! Problem is you have a boring life and sports and other peoples lifes and sports are more interesting. I bet most of you CHOADS sit around and drink beer and do lame stuff like cook with your guy friends because your to afraid to go out and get laid . But is not just the guys, its the WOMEN too.
Now we live in a society where chicks are all into sports, and its THEM who are calling in on these talk shows alot, and giving their dumb opinions. They also LOVE saying how AWFUL Tiger is for doing that with all those women…BECAUSE they want to make him seem like a WORSE guy than he is..BECAUSE..they really know DEEP DOWN, that ANY MAN given that kind of OPPORTUNITY with women, WOULD TAKE IT!! Any that bothers the heck out of them.
But my main thing is you people are way to into sports…THEY DONT MATTER. They are for FUN. Quit obsessing about them and making them more important than what they are.

What Are The Chances Of A $20,000 Bankroll Being Wiped Out Over The Course Of 210 Bets, Betting $1,000 A Game,?

with a 60% chance of winning each bet?

Can Anyone Give Me Any Tips On Being Successful At Rugby League Betting?

Im not very good at rugby league betting

How Do You Help A Women Who Is Being Controlled By The Husband?

About a month ago, I meant a woman on myspace who was new to town. We started chatting and hit it off. Well, I quickly found out she a controlling husband and wouldn’t let her out of the house except to work. The couple slept in different rooms, she brought in the money, he controlled the checkbook, controlled how much she smoked..etc. One night, she was able to get out and we went gambling. He found out she was gambling with and got very angry. Now, she can’t use the internet, talk on the phone…even more monitored. I feel compelled to help. What can I do?

How Do You Tell Someone They Are Being Selfish? (in A Nice Way)?

My going to be mother-in-law will not allow anything to be done unless it benefits her. I am a full time student in college and I live with her and my fiance. She knows that I have to use the internet to do my assignments but a few months ago she started gambling online and so my fiance did something to her computer so that she couldn’t get on the site. She then stopped paying the internet bill because she couldn’t get on her gambling site. Last week she finally paid the bill and got the internet turned back on. I have been driving to my siblings houses to use the internet and that was costing a lot in gas. With the internet back on at the house is great but the other day she told me and my fiance that if he didn’t fix her computer she would have to shut the internet back off. I had just told her the day before that it was great that I could stop spending so much in gas with the internet on and she agreed that that was good. This is not the only thing that she has done to jeopardize me and my fiance because something didn’t benefit her. Please help me to tell her that she is being selfish in a nice way!!! Thank You!

Help. I Am Being Attacked By Malware And Spyware?

I downloaded a program that was supposed to be a codex to use internet video. I uninstalled it because it wasn’t working. The next thing I know, I have a trojan, a worm and malware. My notons was expired so I renewed it. It found and destroyed 7 viruses but my computer still has a trojan. Everytime I log on to the internet via internet explorer, my homepage is automatically changed to some anti spyware site. Norton catches and stops it from changing my homepage 10% if the time. If I use any yahoo page my system runs slowly. I get pop ups for gambling sites and sex sites now. How do I get rid of this madness!!! Please, only real advice and knowledge.

Goldwater Conservatives Were Sensible. But Being A „conservative” Today Means Being A Bigot. What Happened?

We’ve gone a long way DOWNHILL, baby! Just 40 years ago, „conservative” was a respectable descriptor. But now it is the label applied to themselves by hateful and ignorant bigots who seek to FORCE girls and women to gestate UNwanted pregnancies to term against their will (which would be a very real, totally unconscionable and UN-Christian, 9-month-long form of rape)… prevent equal housing and employment opportunities to gays, and block them from marrying same-sex partners — even though there is NO WAY that their doing so would do ANY harm to the marriages of opposite-sex couples. (So much for those „Defense of Marriage” hate laws!) In addition, today’s „conservatives” are narrow-minded SOBs who’d love to censor the Internet (and ‚most everything else). And who fight legalized gambling (even though they lost that war years ago).
Today’s „conservative” leaders are RRR cultists. Sociopaths. WHY aren’t sensible Americans fighting **harder** to defeat them and their agendas?

Why Do Sports Becomes Someone Being?

I just read a post were someone bet their life(he he)on a score of a game, other posts and heated debate about who is the MVP and I read a post where someone could not do their homework because a team lost . don’t get me wrong I am one of these people too but why do we get so involved in something that we do not have any control over and why do we care so much that who is the best and which team is the best where we get mad at other because their opinions on these matters are different form ours?