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How Many People Believe That Ea Sports Madden 2010 Still Won’t Recognize Steelers As The Nfl Best Team?

I’m willing to bet anything. They’re going to do the Steelers the same way that they’ve always done on Madden NFL each year regardless if they’ve won a Super Bowl or not. In 2005, when they won that Super Bowl, they still had like 4 other teams better than the Steelers. Madden needs to acknoledge the Steelers and give them their damn respect. I’m a serious Steelers fan, and I’m serious when I play my Madden NFL, it’s o.k., if they don’t want to rate them as the best team. I’ll edit player, and MAKE THEM the best team in the league. Either way, I’ll have my way, and so will the Steelers, that’s why we won 6 NFL Super Bowl rings. Steelers haters! Oh, and to the guys who were playing Madden and loved the Cowboys so much that they were playing visiting Cowboys against home Cowboys, how crazy is that? Neither guy didn’t want to another team. That was mad crazy! Someone should’ve been a Steelers fan! LOL I Steelers verses the Cowboys, now that would’ve been a good game. We beat them too though this year! LOL! Go Steelers! I’m recruiting worldwide, trying to make it a what guys? A STEELER NATION! LOL

Does Anyone In Here Believe Cheerleading Is A Sport?

i am a high school cheerleader and alot of people go around telling me that we aren’t a sport wen we really are. We throw people instead of balls but i bet our sport is harder then any sport out there!

Since Barry Bonds Has Never Tested Positive For Steroid Use, Should We Believe His Ex-girlfriend Claims?

Other than the fact that anabolic steroids are illegal, is there any reason why athletes shouldnt use steroids to enhance performance. I liken the use of steroids to cosmetic surgery that models, actresses, dancers and beauty pagent contestants have done. While cosmetic surgery is not illegal, it does possibly give the person getting it done to have a leg up on the competetion. Both have health risks. Smoking and alcohol have health risks as well and they are legal. Does the use of steroids have more to do with the fact that people bet on sports and its all about money? I realize that Bonds is not a favorite of most, but that aside, please make answers well thought out.

I Believe I Am Going To Make A Fortune From Sports Betting. Am I Out Of My Mind 4 Thinking So?

If you are going to try to make a living in gambling, its probably your best shot. But its still incredibly difficult.
There are only two gambling forms where the players have better odds than the casino – poker, because you are actually playing against other people; and sports betting, because it comes down to how well you can handicap versus the house.
Just remember, the casinos hire professionals who spend all their time watching sports statistics to make the odds for sports betting. Unless you are willing to devote as much or more time to studying statistics, you wont be able to beat them in the long run.
And if you DO enjoy watching sports statistics that much, why not try for a job working FOR the casinos as a handicapper? Its a steady job with much less stress.