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Why Don’t Betting Shops Sell Alcohol In Their Premises?

Is it illegal to combine alcohol and gambling (I would have thought not given casino/drinking) or is it the case that the the combined licensing is too expensive for most?

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What Makes Some Betting Illegal?

I was looking at the paper today and it was talking about the Kentucky Derby horse race. The paper had the top 3 places. Above the places it says „In The Money” and that’s when I asked my mom „isn’t betting on horses illegal?” She told me that in some places betting is illegal and in some places it isn’t. So I was wondering, what makes some betting illegal?

Have You Heard Of A Derby Betting Board?

This is a betting board that you make at home from a poster board.
Has anyone ever heard of a Derby betting game where you pick squares for each race for a dollar amount and the further across the board you get the more the square cost. And There is a winner each round?
I assume that this is like the Football boards but if anyone could give me insight I would greatly appreciate it.
How many squares, cost of each, how to determine winners, etc.

With Ryan With A Last Second Win And Dixion Betting Usc And Tebow Losing To Georgia Who Will Win Heisman?

dixon and ryan are the front runners. each of them has some tough games left, whoever can lead their team to a conference title will probably get the nod. if they both win the conference, i think ryan will win it. not enough exposure for dixon since he plays in the pac10 and their games dont start til 10 on the east coast, where a majority of the voters live.

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What Does A ‚moose’ Mean In Sports Betting?

Anyone know?

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I?m Searching For Good Online Soccer Betting Site, Can You Tell Me?

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Why Is Every Investor In America Betting That Google Will Continue To Rise?

Even at their current price, it is trading at only 1.39 times the expected earnings over the next five years. This is an indication of a decent value, for a growing company.

Can Someone Explain To Me How The Point Spread Works When Betting On Football?

For example, if the team you wagered on is a 7 point favorite, they must win by more than 7 points for you to win your bet. If they win the game, but by 6 points or less, you lose your bet. If they win by exactly 7, that’s called a „push” and no one wins (except the bookies!)
If the team you bet on is a 7 point underdog, they can lose the game by 6 points or less or win by any margin and you win your bet.
(Disclaimer) Of course, betting on football is illegal in most of the US, this is only a hypothetical example!

How Many Re-raises Can You Make On Each Round Of Betting In No-limit Texas Hold-em?

until you are all in. It is no limit.

Which Cricket Nation Has Team Has Most Indulged In Off Field Betting Scandels?

hope it helped~