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Who Agrees….the Biggest Reason The Mariners Will Finish Last Is Because The Team Is Owned By:?

A Japanese business man that has never stepped inside Safeco field and watched a game.
I could bet that ever owner of any professional sports team has seen his team compete at home. Somebody local needs to buy the team before they will be ever to compete again.
Do you agree?

I Am A West Ham Fan, Why Is That The People With The Biggest Mouths Are Arm Chairs Never Been To A Game Fans?

Loads of people claim they support Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man Utd. I bet they have never bought a seson ticket been to away matches even know the history of the club. All they do is turn on Sky sports on a Sat. These people are sad! Cause you look out for there result know and again does not make you a fan, so please armchair fans keep your opions to your self cause you have no right to slag off other teams until you been to whatch your clubs season after season.

Was The Lakers Trade Of Shaq In Favor Of Kobe One Of The Biggest Sports Blunders Ever?

I mean, look, Shaq virtually guarantees your team will enter the Conference Finals at least. Kobe by himself can’t get to the playoffs, Kobe with Phil Jackson can’t even make it out of the first round. How could Jerry Buss be so stupid?
I hear all this talk about Shaq wearing down, but the Heat have made it to the Eastern Conference Finals twice. I bet if the Lakers kept him, they would’ve been serious NBA Finals contenders.
I still don’t understand the logic. Shaq has about 2-3 more years left of serious contention. The Lakers gambled for the future and blew that AND the present.
Trade Kobe…I’m telling you Dr. Buss…oh wait, you gave him that contract.

Horse Racing, Biggest Classic Coup?

Arnold Rothstein was at New York’s Belmont Track when he had the brainwave that was to land him one of the biggest legitimate killings in racing history. Surveying hte crowds clustered round the bookies, he realised the men taking the bets would be too busy to think clearly as the big race action hotted up. He turned to trainer Max Hirsch and said, „what have we got running”?
The only horse with a real possibility of winning was a five yr old called sidereal, but Hirsch planning to scratch him for a bigger race the following week, had left him behind the stables.
‚Get him here’, snapped Rothstein. I’ll get the money organised’.
The gangster took no chances that his men would be recognised. He borrowed 40 runners from acquaintances who owed him favors. They spread the best through all the on course bookmakers in small amounts.

Which On-line Bookmakers Are Best For Betting On Tennis? (the Biggest Offer Of Tennis Matches). Thank You.?

I always use William Hill because they are reliable and give fair odds. If you are looking for best odds available then try betfair. I can’t really comment on it though because I have never used it.

Where Is The Biggest Sports Book In Vegas?

I am going to Vegas soon, like to watch and bet some sports games, which casino got the biggest sports book in Vegas?

Who Has Been The Biggest Roughie Ever To Win A Brownlow – As Far As Betting Odds Are Concerned?

I know Woewoden was 15-1, aka was 15-1, I was wondering if anyone knew if there were any bigger outsiders than this to win?

What Are The Biggest Online Betting Companies In Australia?

I am compiling a list of the biggest online betting companies in Australia.
Or at least, if I can compile a list of them, it will help a lot also.
If anyone works in some company, please speak out :-)

What Is The Biggest You Ever Won In Sport Betting ?

I heard too much about people losing their rental money or girlfriend.Is there anyone out there who win something out on sport betting ?what is the odd & the bet ?