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Why Do So Many Say Barry Bonds Did Steroids When He Was Never Charged?

I don’t know if he did steroids. But I’m almost pretty sure he did human growth hormones. I say this because did you see how much he bulked up from 1997 – 1998. A swelled up head being a good sign of growth hormones. But those aren’t even illegal and I bet a lot of atheletes do it. Why isn’t MLB and other professional sport organizations making human growth hormones illegal. Is it because there is no sure way to test for it right now?

Since Barry Bonds Has Never Tested Positive For Steroid Use, Should We Believe His Ex-girlfriend Claims?

Other than the fact that anabolic steroids are illegal, is there any reason why athletes shouldnt use steroids to enhance performance. I liken the use of steroids to cosmetic surgery that models, actresses, dancers and beauty pagent contestants have done. While cosmetic surgery is not illegal, it does possibly give the person getting it done to have a leg up on the competetion. Both have health risks. Smoking and alcohol have health risks as well and they are legal. Does the use of steroids have more to do with the fact that people bet on sports and its all about money? I realize that Bonds is not a favorite of most, but that aside, please make answers well thought out.

If I Am In A Bond Fund, Is My Money Actually Buying Bonds Or Speculation Based On How Many People Are Betting?

that the funds virtual goals are going to make a profit?