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Do You Know Any Good Sportsbetting Bookmakers?

Does anyone know any good bookmakers for betting on sports, do they offer any sign up bonuses?

Celtic Are 3/1 With Most Big Bookmakers?

Wonder what the odds are on
(1) The referee being hit with a coin
(2) Some numpty coming on and attacking the opposition goalie
(3) Arrests to top 50 or more
(4) Ira songs being sung
(5) A sending off
(6) Boric to make a howler
(7) McDonald to toss his shirt into the crowd at the end of the game
Seven pieces of heaven

I Want To Apply To Coral Bookmakers, How Woud You Go About Answring These Questions?

What do you expect the position you have applied for to involve?
Why do you believe you would be suitable for this position?
you may also wish to add here any other information that you feel relevant to your application.
What do you consider to be good customer service? Give a specific example of an occasion when you have provided exceptional customer service.
I have never worked, I’m 18 so I’m the right age, but the only experience I have is helping out for 3 years between the age of 13-16 at my school library, and a two week work experience in lawrence jackson school library when I was 14 (This was the only work experience my school could get me)

How Do Soccer Bookmakers Determine Odds And Payouts?

They do the same thing as other sports bookmakers do. The odds aren’t based on how big the team is favored over another team they are based on what point spread or points for the over under are needed to try to get approx. half the players betting to bet on either side of the line. If Chelsea is playing Manchester City the oddsmakers know that every one would bet on chelsea to win thats why they make Chelsea favored by say 2 goals that way the better has to decide if they will win by atleast 2 or not then you will get more people betting on Manchester City cause even though they are not near as good it is still hard for a soccer team to win by 3 goals in order for you to win a bet on Chelsea. Payouts are determined by the odds. If you do pick the Point Spread you will usually make about 91% of your bet because the oddsmaker takes a % for his commission or juice. Usually for every 10 bet on the point spread you will win 9.09 so you will get 19.09 back on a 10 bet. the money line is based on how big the difference is in the teams on the point spread it it is to big they wont even have a money line because they dont want o give away money on say Ohio St. vs Bethune Cookman. They know as well as you do that Ohio St. is going to win so they dont put money line on the game they make you decide if Ohio St. is going to win by 35 or not.

Anyone Know Of Any Poker Rooms In Philly? How Bout Bookmakers?

go online

The Bookmakers Have Weighed In —- Obama Wins By A Mile?

The bookmakers are not talking about „polls” where if they are wrong, oh well. They are talking about cold cash where if they are wrong, they are out of business, and after 100 years, they are still here.
The odds MC Cain win—- 11/2 you bet two dollars and if he wins you get 11 They don’t give away money folks, they just don’t.
My question: Do you believe the bookies or do you think they are wrong like some think the polls are wrong?
And do you believe if MC Cain does win against the bookies, and Polls, the only way he could do that is if the electronic machines are fixed?

Bookmakers Rules……………?

if i have a bet ,
and i just back the s.p. favourite instaed of picking an exact horse ,
and the race is won by a JOINED FAVOURITE , WHAT HAPPENS ??
because a backed fav and a j/f won , and in my transactions it is recorded as won but the bookie hasnt paid me ?

Bookmakers Rules????????????

if you win 4 thousnd pounds in a bookies , will they require and i.d ??
and will hey pay cash or do you have to have a cheque ??????

Why Are All Racecourse Bookmakers Deaf? (poll)?

HA HA. They are not all deaf silly. It’s their way of communicating across the racecourse so they don’t get HOARSE.(shouting)

Bookmakers Odds?

How do you work them out? For example, if I put ?10 on something thats 7/4, how much would I get and how do you work it out??