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Is It Too Late To Bet On Who’s Going To Win The Super Bowl?

I hate sports, but I hate feeling left out even more.

Michigan And Notre Dame? Is This The Loser Bowl We Are Talking About?

I just read the headline where Loyd Carr is saying that „if losing doesn’t hurt then you shouldn’t be at Michigan.” Gee thats funny because if my memory serves me right they are on a 4 game losing streak! So thats Michigan football huh? You have a stadium that seats over 100,000 fans and you get beat by a division formerly known as the Division 1-AA team then you get annihilated by an un-ranked Oregon team? I guess we all know now why Florida got the nod to play for the National Championship last year, and well you got sent straight to a USC *** whoopin’! People actually voted you guys pre-season number 5? I bet all the poll voters feel stupid now.
Then you all have this Mike Hart guy; „I guarantee we’ll win next week!” Umm who the hell do you think you are, Joe Namath? Dude, a high school team could beat NOTRankEd Dame
Yeah Michigan hasn’t won a game since Bo Schembechler passed away so says the sports writers; well spare us „the curse of the Bambino” plagiarism.

What Should The Odds Be For New England To Win The Super Bowl This Season?

I was checking The Super Bowl odds for this year on line and New England is 1/3. That’s not 3/1 that 1/3. That means if you bet 300 and they win The Super Bowl you get back back your 300 plus another 100. If they lose you say goodbye to your 300. That’s not much reward for your risk. Even die-hard Patriots’ fans are going to cringe at that bet.
I added up all of the odds and I averaged them out and the bookmakers give the Patriots a 74% chance of winning the Super Bowl. The Cowboys are second at 7%. That seems way too high even for the Pats. They’ll have to win 3 playoff games against the best of the rest.
What do you think the chances are (in percentage please) that the Patriots will win The Super Bowl this season? My odds would be:
40% – New England Patriots
25% – Dallas Cowboys
15% – Indianapolis
10% – Green Bay
10% – Anybody else

What Are Some Good Football Or Super Bowl Betting Games?

what are some money betting games like everyone put money in a cup and pass it around after every play and who ever is holding the cup when a team scores, they get all the money, games like that

Who Else Is Putting Up A Little Money For The Super Bowl Betting Pools?

..did you get your boxes yet?.. what numbers did you get and are you happy with them?


Where Can I Print A 2009 Super Bowl Betting Pool?

Where can i print a 2009 Super Bowl betting pool?

What Is Some Good College Football Bowl Game Betting Websites?

please tell me web sites that you can bet on the college bowl games.

What Are The Lines Of Betting For The Super Bowl?

I’m having a party and want to play some betting games but I’m having troubles reading some of the betting websites. I want to know the over/under for field goals, touchdowns, total yards, passing yards, rushing yards. Anything will help. Thank you.

Is Internet Sports Betting For The Super Bowl Illegal?

I wanted to place a bet online for a Super Bowl prop bet, but is this legal? I’ve tried to find the answer but there doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer.