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Which Is Better On The Wii? Boxing Or Baseball Or Bowling?

I love my Wii and if you have one I bet you do too so tell me what your fave game is on Wii sports.

Did Juan Manuel Marquez Take One For The Sport Of Boxing?

He injured his hand and is unable to fight Juarez Sept. 15 which resulted in the entire card being cancelled. The only good thing about it is that the side bet between Sugar Ray Leonard and Oscar De La Hoya where whoever’s fighter loses the other has to serve as a „round card girl” has been cancelled (thank goodness) Your thoughts?

How Does Betting On Boxing Work?


How Far In Advance Can I Bet On Boxing Matches In Vegas?

and do most sportsbooks take bets on any boxing match that would warrant a mention in upcoming fights on say ESPN or Sports Illustrated? I’m looking to fly into Vegas once every 1.5-2 months and place several bets at once…thanks in advance

How Does Betting Odds In Boxing Works?

say, If I place my bet now for my boxer at +330, then the odds changes later on, say +300. what happens now? Does my bet which I already placed follows the latest odds? Please help.

Corruption In Professional Sports Is Here To Stay. Mlb, Nfl, Nba, Boxing, Mma What?s Next?

Corruption in professional sports is here to stay. MLB, NFL, NBA, Boxing, MMA What?s next?
The list goes on:
MLB: Barry Bonds is still being accused of using an enhanced drug.
NFL: Patriots, now come on, spying on your opponents, not very patriotic.
NBA: Tim Donaghy refereeing on games he was betting on.
Boxing: There has always been a bad image for boxing and corruption.
MMA: UFC 75 fight between Michael Bisping and Matt Hamill as a victory for Bisping
I didn?t ever want to believe that there was someone behind professional sports pulling the strings, but now I believe otherwise. The facts are in front of us everyday.
Where there is money, there will be corruption. It is sad.
I guess after a few beers and the event starts it really doesn?t matter.

How Do The Betting Odds On Boxing Work?

Ive never betted on boxing before, how does it work? What does Maryweather -180 mean for example? etc.etc.

How Does The Betting Work For Boxing And Mma?

Mayweather is at -225 (at certain casinos) and Hatton is at +185. So how does that work?