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In The Movie James Bond: Casino Royale, What Are Those Red And Blue Rectangle Bricks They Use For Betting?

In the movie they are worth like 500,000.00 and 1mil. They are used in the final poker scene. They are plastic. Help me out

What Is Your Stand On Aggregate Betting In The Casino? Will It Help Increase Customer Attendance?

I believe it would help.

Top Casino Games We Can Win At?

I can only think of four, and want a top five list.
I have the following
What would another one be, Insurance on a house? (LOL)

Is This The Best Hedge In The Stock Market Casino?

Say you place a wager on ABX (Barrick Gold) at 28.00 for it to go higher
Now, would it be a good play to have an OPTION for a put of around 28.00? This way if the stock goes higher than I will not exercise my option and take the gains if Mr. Schiff is correct. If my stock gets crushed and the DOW falls to 3,000 and the stock goes to 15.00 then I can at least get in that option and take back some of my losses.
Any opinions, is this like Insurance at a blackjack table? I am not to sure yet on how to beat the options game at the stock market casino (Yes the market is a casino)
One of my favorite plays I think in this Casino game is to put a „PUT” play on companies like GM, C, BAC, GE, PM and have the put for at least six months from now and wait for them to get destroyed. But its a gamble, sort of like poker, baccarat, blackjack and sports betting.
Thank you for those whom can help with the hedge question on having a „PUT” on a stock you own long.
Peace everyone :)

Is It Possible To Make A Living Through Bacarrat Betting In Casino?

It is not likely, but it IS one game where, when a person gets lucky, he can make a killing. Read „Fools Die”, by Mario Puzo, who wrote „The Godfather”.
It is much easier to beat the poker machines or the blackjack dealers, tho it takes a lot longer. The key is to quit when you are ahead…I have a formula for beating the poker machines that seldom fails, but it also does not deliver spectacular returns, just a few bucks an hour.
The only real way to make money gambling is by booking peoples bets, which is an art form, or by betting on a sport that you know a LOT about, and making just a very few bets in that sport. Boxing is an easy sport to bet, and I have made thousands. One should usually bet the favorite, but pay attention to how they are training, and other things. Tennis is also easy, bet the favorites and take a lower return. In football, never bet on or against your favorite team, but find out who your friends’ fave teams are and try to get them to bet on their team. Baseball is impossible to bet well, and basketball is difficult.
Good-luck—e-me if you like…

What Casino Has The Highest Betting Limits?

It depends on what game.
However the VIP programmes of Ladbrokes and William Hill have quite high limits.
At blackjack Ladbrokes Vip European Blackjack accepts up to ?10k
Whilst William Hill accepts upto ?7.5k on an outside bet at Roulette.

Is Online Casino Betting Strategy For Real ?

Are there strategy in winning bets in online casino. If there are, can someone please give a method??

Has Anyone Been To The Casino In St. Croix, Us Virgin Islands? What Is The Minimum Age To Gamble There?

I’ve looked on the internet and there was a page copyrighted 2000 that says 21, but I need something updated or someone thats actually been.

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Can I Do Online Casino Betting While I Am In Luanda, Angola Using My Philippines Atm?

Is it safe?

Is There A Site Where I Can Find Casino Or Betting Jobs?

I’m looking to start a career in the gambling industry and was wondering if there were any sites available to find such jobs. I can work in a Resort, Cruiseship or anywhere. please help!