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Why Do So Many Say Barry Bonds Did Steroids When He Was Never Charged?

I don’t know if he did steroids. But I’m almost pretty sure he did human growth hormones. I say this because did you see how much he bulked up from 1997 – 1998. A swelled up head being a good sign of growth hormones. But those aren’t even illegal and I bet a lot of atheletes do it. Why isn’t MLB and other professional sport organizations making human growth hormones illegal. Is it because there is no sure way to test for it right now?

How Much Will I Be Charged On My Credit Card For Betting Online?

Iam an Indian and use ICICI credit card I was thinking of betting on the euro matches through the online betting sites.
How much will i be charged for betting on my credit card.I heard upto 4 times the amount i bet will be levied is that true
Just as an assumption how much will i be charged if i place a bet of 100 pounds