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School Started And So Did Cheerleading What Should I Have To Wear For It?

I lost a bet to the cheerleaders at my school. I said cheerleading isn’t a sport and girls can’t beat guys in sports. They bet if I lost to a cheerleader in basketball they get to make me cheer any way they want and I lost to a cheerleader named Cathy. What should I have to wear to cheer in?

Who Thinks Cheerleading Is A Sport? Why Or Why Not?

I lost a bet to cheerleaders at my school about it. I said cheerleading isnt a sport and girls cant beat guys in sports
the cheerleaders bet if I lost to one of them in basketball they can make me cheer any way they want.

Does Anyone In Here Believe Cheerleading Is A Sport?

i am a high school cheerleader and alot of people go around telling me that we aren’t a sport wen we really are. We throw people instead of balls but i bet our sport is harder then any sport out there!

I Lost A Bet And Had To They Want Me To Wear A Cheerleading In A Uniform ?

i told some cheerleaders that cheerleading wasn’t a sport and i bet them they couldn’t beat me in a foot race and i lost and they want me to dress and cheer as a girl in the next school basket ball game
i dint think i should have too what do y’all think?

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