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Need Chinese Translation – Warning .. Contains Some Adult Words!!?

I need the exact simplified and traditional chinese language translations for the following words:
Please do not post computerized translations! Only native speakers please!
1. China
2. Beijing
3. Poker
4. Casino
5. Sex
6. Gay
7. News
8. Travel
9. Hotel
10. Games
11. Sports
12. Real-estate
13. Internet
14. Business
15. Finance
16. Education
17. Food
18. Mobile
19. Search
20. Music
21. Bank
22. Foreclosure
23. Loan
24. Dating
25. Money
26. Web
27. EMail
28. Cartoon
29. Hentai
30. Anime
31. Manga
32. Japan
33. Korea
34. Television
35. Gambling
36. Betting
37. Tickets
39. USA
40. UK
41. Europe
42. Germany
43. India
44. Movies
45. Soccer
46. Rugby
47. FIFA
48. Entertainment
49. Lotto
50. Health
Thanks in advance.

Why Are The Chinese Like A Plauge Of Locusts?

Firstly no offence by that remark, Just a Metaphor. Basically most Chinese people I see have insatiable appetites for everything. They seem not to be able to stop consuming like it was an addiction, The local Bookmakers has Chinese people who stay there nearly 24 hours, insatiable gamblers, on the beaches of our country you cant harvest shellfish or it has a quota, no stopping the chinese! they will clean the beach of its food an move on without any environmental knowledge they just live for now. Its as if they are a huge stomach that just cant be filled, they just don’t know when to stop. They have a single mindedness all of their own that disregards the future needs. The Chinese in their own unique way are just ‚Different’.
Given that, is one of the biggest dangers to the worlds ecology and resources the Chinese?

Can I Get Into Trouble In The Uk For Subversive Comments On A Chinese Forum? And Can Anyone Recommend One?

The chinese government regularly „patrols” its internet sites to make sure that users do not promote Gambling, Superstition, or make comments against the government.
I am a pretty vehement supporter of free speech, and also feel I could derive a considerable amount of enjoyment from saying just these things. But would I get into trouble?

What Is „sports Betting” In Chinese (short Form)?

Native/experienced speakers only, no machine translation.
Answer both qns for full marks.
State your source.
1/ What is „Sports betting” in Chinese (short form)?
2/ What is „Sports bet” in Chinese (short form)?