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If You Had The Power To Heal Others Or The Power To See The Future; Which Would You Choose? But Wait….?

Two movies: Ressurection and The Dead Zone. One had to do with healing others after a near death experience and putting up with the notoriety and pressure to heal those who came to you, and the other had to do with episodic visions of things that would happen( kids playing hockey on a pond where the ice was starting to break, and a senator who would become president and start WW111. No lottery ticket visions or sports outcome betting millionaires.

Sports Freak Why Do You Always Choose Diffrent Team Then La?

and i bet you even if someone asked who will win bulls or lakers
you say bulls..
and if someone asked
you say tmac..

He Said,the Woman Whos Stays With Him Told Him To Choose Between Me And Her.he Said He Wont Choose .so Wat Now

i am talking about my bf who has a woman staying with him right now.i got him thru internet we have been communicating for one year and five months already. he had cheated on me before the same as what he is doing today. having the woman with him at his apartment. he said he was after me,he wanted to marry me,he wont marry someone else other than me. he is coming this june. he is into a lot of things, like gambling, chasing women,smoking, he said he is just lonely thats why he is doing these things since im so far away from him.he would only put a stop to these when we are already together. this woman hes having at this apartment right now is about to leave on monday since she got her power back on in her apartment.he said he want me to stay believing in him, he wants me to be more patient.and wait for him to call me. he said he doesnt want to be pressured. help me, what shall i do?

I Need To Choose A Second Business To Write About?

For my assignment at school, I need to choose two businesses for a marketing task. I’ve decided to write about PokerStars because I know a lot about them and how they advertise and market their products and service. However, I want a second business which is similar to PokerStars but it can’t be an organisation like PKR or PartyPoker since they are both in the same sector. Can you think of a good company that will go well with PokerStars in my task? When I say similar, I mean by operating on the internet and preferably a company in the gambling industry but that’s not essential. Any ideas? Thank you very much for feedback. =)

Why Do Question Askers Get To Choose The Best Answer When Its Obvious By Asking That They Have No Clue.?

Why do question askers on yahoo get to choose the best answer when it is fairly obvious by the fact that they have asked the question in the first place they have no clue about the subject they are asking about. This leads to such buffoonery as „bookmakers are succesful because they have more money than punters” being passed off as the truth.

Revise The Following Paragraph To Make It More Coherent And Less Repetitious. I Will Choose Best Answer!?

Bookmaking is an important craft. This is always the case. Bookmaking involves the knowledge of bookbinding, papermaking, and printsetting. Bookmaking has been an art in the West since the Middle Ages. Bookmaking is a craft reserved for the dedicated artisans, who are willing to work long hard hours toward the production of only one book. This is where it shows its greatness. In bookmaking, when a bookmaker devotes himself to a book as a beautiful work of art, this is good. The books produced by these bookmakers are amazing to behold.

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