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Am I Closer To Being A Republican Or A Libertarian?

I think the responsibilities of the federal government are raising an army, delivering the mail, coining money, negotiating with other countries, overseeing the infrastructure and energy availability, do a census every decade. That’s about it. The nanny state is a horrible failure and is totally unnecessary.
I think America should commit itself 3 goals: paying off the national debt, finding cures for cancer, and becoming and staying energy independent.
I am pro-life. Oppose abortion unless the pregnancy threatens the mother’s life. Like slavery, this is a situation that is probably only resolvable trough the constitutional amendment process.
I have no problem with marijuana being decriminalized because so far, people haven’t died from marijuana poisoning like other drugs. I’d also like to see steroids and payote decriminalized.
I think people should be allowed to invest their social security in a Roth IRA. And it should be more like a savings and investment plan people own. Not money we pay in on so congress can dip into it as they see fit.
I support a ?his body his choice law? that would set an age of consent so a baby couldn’t be circumcised. And I know there will be religious objections to this one. But we don’t let the Muslims cut the clitorises off of baby girls, we don’t have to tolerate the Christians and Jews cutting the foreskin off of babies. If a person of age requests one, fine. But don?t it to a person to young to consent.
I don?t think the FCC has any business deciding what content is OK and what is indecent. That should be left to the viewers and listeners at home.
Just like ignorance in the law is no excuse, I think ?the media made me do it? is no excuse for commuting a crime. No jury should entertain the idea that a rap song or a video game made someone go shoot somebody. Human beings have brains and are not empties out there walking around awaiting instructions.
I oppose helmet laws for motorcyclists as well as seatbelt laws for adults.
I think capitalism is the best tool of combating poverty and improving the quality of life the human race has found so far. It isn’t perfect, but is better than all the other economic systems.
I don’t think a church should have to worry that the IRS is going to come and take away their tax-exempt status because they say things the government doesn’t like.
I think education is a state level responsibility and there should be no federal department of education. Schools don’t work like fast food franchises. What works for a school in San Francisco might not work for a school in Utah. The school should be funded and run by the local school board and the state board of education. Not by someone in DC 4000 miles away.
I don?t think we should have to spend so much money running US military bases all over the world. We need to start closing the ones in stable regions where the threat of war in the next 10 to 20 years is extremely unlikely.
I oppose public bailouts of the private sector.
I think a state should be able to decide who is married. I?m not for the amendment to tell the far left states, they can?t decide who is married. And don’t think states should be forced to accept gay marriage from other states.
I think eminent domain is a horrible thing that shouldn?t be invoked unless absolutely necessary.
I support Internet neutrally and oppose bandwidth caps.
I think the endangered species act should be repealed because it doesn?t protect the animals, it just gives the government control of other people?s land.
I oppose closed party primaries. All they are doing is attempting to capture them into their party. All I think a political party is, is a private organization that runs people for public office.
I think private citizens? caring concealed weapons is a good thing that detours crime. And gun laws are counter productive because only the good guys care to follow them. The bad guys do what they want anyway.
I am totally fine with adjusting the drinking and gambling age to 18.
I support women?s rights to breastfeed in public places.
I support hunter?s rights.
I think an era where a black man can be elected President of the United States proves we don?t need affirmative action laws.
There is no reason why congress needs to regulate Major League Baseball or any other sport. That is not the role of government. Sports are private organizations owned by businessmen and entertain the public. And I don?t buy that preserving the integrity argument. What would congress know about integrity anyway?
After a natural disaster, government has a responsibility to rebuild public property and provide emergency aid. However, government should not be rebuilding private property.
America needs to be more like France and use more nuclear power. For Pete’s sake, 80% of France uses it!
I oppose laws that restrict what types of pornography may be sold to adults.
I oppose the digit