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Can I Get Into Trouble In The Uk For Subversive Comments On A Chinese Forum? And Can Anyone Recommend One?

The chinese government regularly „patrols” its internet sites to make sure that users do not promote Gambling, Superstition, or make comments against the government.
I am a pretty vehement supporter of free speech, and also feel I could derive a considerable amount of enjoyment from saying just these things. But would I get into trouble?

Hi Found A Site About A Sports Betting System Boast A 97% Win Rate.. Anybody Has Any Comments?

Found this review site on „the sports betting system”. The link to the betting site in found in the review pages.


Please give me your comments especially for those who are using the system.

The United States Congress Passed The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Comments?

It’s disgusting. Bill Frist who slid it into an unrelated anti-terror bill, should be fired for completely disregarding the democratic process to push his radical right wing agenda.
There has been no poll published indicating that the majority of Americans wanted this. It is a big brother measure, telling citizens of a free country how they are allowed to spend their money. The law will involve a bunch of companies such as banks and ISPs having to spend a fortune to police this. In addition thousands of people world wide will be affected by it. Various online companies that were operating completely legally in other countries will lose millions, thanks to this unnecessary legislation.
Frist argued that gambling hurts families, yet legalized three major forms of gambling in his anti-gambling law. I’m sure he’ll get a lovely kick-back from those sectors of the industry.
If America is going to brag about bringing democracy to the rest of the world (whether they want it or not), then they should lead by example. Laws should be properly debated, not attached as riders in a sneaky underhand manner. Laws should be enacted when they are supported by the majority of the people, not because some radical idiot wants to impose his half-assed ‚morals’ onto others to appeal to fundamentalists in his base.