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Can Horse Racing Be Considered A Cruel Sport?

And should whips be banned completely?I do gamble on the horses but it would be a difficult to bet on a horse if the jockeys were only riding hands and heels,but what do you think?

Is This Considered As Illegal Gambling Or Betting?

If lets say, I open up an question / riddle with an attractive prize where people come in, pay a small sum of $$ to open up clues and hints. In this case we have people who pay to solve the problem and might win the prize. Is this considered gambling?

Is Fantasy Football Considered Betting On The Game?

I know that several people have been busted for betting on their own game, (black sox, pete rose), anyway, is fantasy football considered betting on the game if there is money involved? I do not know who to contact or who to ask, so I thought I would throw it up on Yahoo answers. Maybe one of you may know. Thank you.