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Why Is Every Investor In America Betting That Google Will Continue To Rise?

Even at their current price, it is trading at only 1.39 times the expected earnings over the next five years. This is an indication of a decent value, for a growing company.

Why Do People Continue To Insist „it Doesn’t Matter Who Wins?

When clearly, looking at the past 6 years…the war on Iraq…the attack on our Constitution….the huge deficits….the inaction on the minimum wage….the growing ranks of the poor and growing disparity between the upper class and the middle and lower classes….the rise in Hate in America….the obvious and unashamed corruption in Congress……tacking internet gambling to Port Security bills….the lack of preparation for disasters (terrorist and manmade) over the last 5 years despite the enormous growth of government….the interference of government in our private lives…
How can people still say, „It doesn’t matter who wins” when so clearly, so obviously…it DOES matter!