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Do You Think They Should Prosecute The San Antonio Spurs Referee For Tainting The Scores; So He Could Gamble?

Yesterday, unfortunately, a NBA Referee was charged with „fixing” the scores at major NBA games so he could win some bets. Should all referees be subpoenead in this „big” case? What do you think of ‚sports gambling’?

Where Could I Find People That Want To Make Money Betting Baseball?

Talk to Pete.

Could 20twenty Cricket Attract Fans Of All Other Sports In Asia And Africa , How Does It Progress Elsewhere?

Africa had very few cricket fans 5 years ago now more fans
Asia that is crickets best destination
Nort, South America, europe I dont know so please lot me know
Middle east that part of the world is surely football crazy but dubai constructed the world’s bet cricket stadium

Betting Odds.. Could Someone Explain?

What does (-140 or +2000) mean? Thanks http://www.1800-sports.com/presidential-?

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Is There Any Slight Chance That Mccain Could Win The Election?

Given that worst case Obama needs 9 electoral votes to win and best case McCain needs something like 110 is there any chance he can do that.
I really would like to know.
This is not Kerry vs Bush this is Obama who is way ahead on every poll vs McCain.
Bookmakers are already paying out on Obama winning they are that sure that he will win.
I need to know because I can still get 15-2 for McCain online, if I drop 10k I will get back 70k if McCain wins.
So is there a chance or would it just be a waste of money.


Could You Please Help Me To Get Rid Of This?

My situation
I really need your suggestions, info, links, et cetera to get me break away from this computer addiction please. I have been living with computer since its advent, and I have been too long in this bit and byte world. I have almost no problem with my family and/or social matters (maybe), but certainly, I have problems with myself. I realize that my addiction to computer and internet has seized big values of my life. Please do not assume that I am addicted to the gaming, gambling, chatting, or sexual leisure online. I think I have really got the most of the computing and internet, I got answers for my quests in life: history, languages, hobbies, health, skill improvement, and other eye-openers, but I realized that at the end I just barely do not recognize myself. I knew that before the PC arrival, I was a simple human with a romantic and artistic mind inside, and then later I evolved to such a robot, to be precise: a slave of the technology. The internet had made me more tied to the PC, at first it delivered me the news of the world, marvelous things found there within the clicks and so on, but then made me deep drown into the pond of information.
The cost and the lost
Having knowledge to computer hardware made me always upgrade my gears. It made me spend big cost just to fulfill my lust over those times. My room is full with the old gears, gadgets, and things from online stores. My PCs and notebooks are full with MP3s, PDFs, and many things downloaded both free and paid. I also spent for many external/ portable harddisks for backing up and traveling. I do not mean to showoff, I just tell you how worse it was from time to time during about 20 years. I sometimes think about the lost time for repairing my gears, updating my softwares, browsing; and how many books that I have not read completely.
There was a break
One time, in two straight months last year, I spent my times with my son playing Tamiya, small racing cars in small tracks. It was wonderful that it made me totally forgot my computers. We have had most of the time together for racing, modifying, winding the wires for the tiny motors, etc. My wife was so amazed that the toys have made me away from the PC. It ended because of the coming rainy season that made us packed and boxed back the tracks and cars, and I simply switched back to the old routine.
In search of healing
I remember a precious phrase: Two kinds of those who lost; they are who looks for wealth and for knowledge. This phrase sometimes wakes me up but bad habit is addicting and I found myself always returned into that path. I think it is just similar to drug addiction. As the internet is an endless resource, I search through it for the cure, and I have found some articles about it and tried to implement them, but it always hard for me to liberate myself from my habit. I really hope that finally I find it in this forum, especially from you.
Your helps, Please
I know that some of you are familiar to manage some types of dependence, or maybe you have healed from the same situation. Whether you have some psychological, spiritual expertise, certain medication, or exercises, please share your advice, I need it badly. I do not want to clog the rest of my life in that digital world. There must be somebody else also in pain from the same thing, your kind suggestion will be very valuable and it will save some life. Thank you very much for sparing your time reading this lengthy note. God bless you.
I post this in Computing & Internet, Health, and Social Science with time interval, hoping to net more inputs.
Please do not waste your time to put any unpleasant or unnecessary words, consider it will not only read by me but also by the other fellow readers. If you are not in the same situation with me, you perhaps still have the advantage of knowing the answers. Thank you, again.

Internet Que….does Anybody Know How I Could Make Money Online Besides Athomebusiness…&without Fees?

I want to make some extra cash from working at home…I don’t really want to have to pay fees unless it’s a guaranteed thing…I’m not trying to gamble at this point and time…Need some extra cash..Any Ideas!?? THanks

Internet Que….does Anybody Know How I Could Make Money Online Besides Athomebusiness…&without Fees?

I want to make some extra cash from working at home…I don’t really want to have to pay fees unless it’s a guaranteed thing…I’m not trying to gamble at this point and time…Need some extra cash..Any Ideas!?? THanks

Could Someone Explain What This Online Betting Term Means?

On the T&C for the paddy power place one ?10 bet you get a ?20 bet free deal it says ‚Qualifying bet must be placed at odds of 1/2 or greater, this also applies for combined odds on multiples’
Could i still do a doubler with say liverpool and west ham to win if the final combined odds was over 1/2?

Could God And Satan Be Betting On The Swine Flu Like They Did With Job’s Fate?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday that the new virus is „a very unusual” four-way combination of genes from human, bird and pig viruses found in North America, Asia and Europe.
I see that divine and dark hands are playing with mankind to see how many end up dead of the „Quimera” flu 1/3 human, 1/3 bird and 1/3 pig. What do you think?

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