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Why Do Idiots Not Understand That Killing An Animal To Feed Your Family Is Different From Dog Fighting????????

Why do all these idiots in the news, I will refrain from pointing people out, think that there is no difference from killing and animal and feeding your family (hunting) and having two defenseless dogs fight till the death?????? Betting on dog fighting is not a sport and the $%^& that think it is are incompetent.

If A Sports Game Is Tied… Can You Say It’s A Close Game, Or Does It Have To Be One Point Different To Be A C

consindered a ‚close’ game?
i think a tie is a close game…
my buddy bets it’s not close if it tie… then it’s a TIE game…
i would print this page of your responses out to prove it to him

Can You Win Big By Betting Each Way On An Event With Different Bet-takers?

If the odds with different betties are different, couldn’t you pick the best odds for each way and put bets on every outcome with different bet-takers to get an overall win?

Want To Know Which Candidates The Different Industries Support?

Here is the current list, of the candiates who recieve the most campaign donations from different industries and groups.
Casinos/Gambling – Rudy Giuliani , $177,850
Commercial Banks – Hillary Clinton , $935,658
Computers/Internet – Barack Obama , $940,459
Education – Barack Obama . $2.112,520
Health Professionals – Hillary Clinton , $1,695,830
Hedge Funds – Rudy Giuliani , $1,157,900
Insurance – Chris Dodd , $713,012
Lawyers/Law Firms – Hillary Clinton , $9,596,748
Lobbyists – Hillary Clinton , $567,950
Oil & Gas – Rudy Giuliani , $545,058
Pharmaceuticals/Health Products – Hillary Clinton , $269,436
Real Estate – Hillary Clinton , $3,939,008
Securities & Investment – Hillary Clinton , $4,735,730
Telephone Utilities – John McCain , $176,800
Tobacco – Rudy Giuliani , $77,400
TV/Movies/Music – Barack Obama , $2,203,317http://www.opensecrets.org/pres08/select?

Are Equivalent Actions Different If They Have Different Agents And Agencies?

For example… Alfred gets fired from his job one day. In response, he goes out to the bar, drinks 8 scotches, and then goes home and beats his wife.
Barney, a different man, loses some money on a sports bet. In response, he goes out to the bar, drinks 8 bourbons, and then goes home and beats his wife. Coincidentally, he does this with the same number/force of blows/motions, etc. as Alfred.
Is this the same (unfortunate) action occuring twice or two separate actions occuring once each?

I Was Tring To Come Up With Different Thesison A Subject Of The Use Of Performance-enhancining Drugs In Sports

I am trying to come up with a variety of theises statemants that have to do with the pros and cons of using performance-enhancing drugs in sports. I have a bet going on how many people can come up with different theises on this subject.

What Are The All The Different Factors You Have To Consider When Betting On A Horse?

and if you can be bothered why there important!! (would be appreciated!)

What Are Some Different Betting Games To Play At A Baseball Game?

i want a list of some games to play with friends while you watch the actual game.

I Get A Different Answer From Everyone. I Online Sports Betting Legal?

You can no longer use US funds for online betting. But, as with anything else, there are other methods for Americans to continue betting online, for better or worse.

Betting Question: How Do You Bet With Different Handicaps?

For example, I’m a 14 and I’m playing a buddy who’s a 3. Should he be giving me 11 shots? Or less? Do we play match play (by the hole) or stroke play? I’m confused.