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How Far Does $400. American Dollars Go In Mexico?

I really want to know! $400 a week is a above average pay check for min. wage Americans, before taxes of course. The standard cost of living puts those drawing min. wage below poverty level in our country. But who cares? On $400 a week we’re expected to pay taxes, buy health insurance, car insurance, life insurance, renters insurance, tag and license our vehicles, pay the school system extra to get our high school kids to school and back
on the public school bus, extra for high school sports and band etc., pay our rent, pay our bills, feed our families, and continue to watch the cost of living rise. I’m ranting but hey, I’m mad as hell. I really want to know how much illegals can accomplish on 400 american dollars a week. I’ll almost bet they live better than I do and struggle less. I’m curious what the conversion rate is.

Why Do We Tolerate Wasteful And Abusive Spending Of Our Tax Dollars?

Why can’t we take the tax money that is already generated and do more good with it?
Why does a State Department employee need $360 worth of lingerie from Seduccion Boutique to be used for jungle training in Ecuador??
Read on –
Among some of the examples reported by the GAO was an Agricultural Department employee who paid $642,000 to a live-in boyfriend. That money was apparently used for gambling and car and mortgage payments, among other things.
At the U.S. Postal Service workers expensed $14,000 on Internet dating and a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse dinner for 81 people.
The Pentagon tab has $77,000 for clothing, accessories and sporting goods. Among the charges were $45,000 at Brooks Brothers and other high-end stores that make custom suits.
And a State Department employee spent $360 on lingerie at Seduccion Boutique supposedly to be used for jungle training in Ecuador.http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,3486?http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/con?http://www.gao.gov/index.html

Where Do I Go To Get The Millions Of Dollars I Lost Betting Against Marion Jones?


Do You Have To Bet 100$ Dollars When Betting Straight Up?

I am trying to get away from betting on parlays this year if I bet straight up what is the minimum you can throw down?

Bodog Will Only Allow Me To Place A Bet By Phone If Its More Than 50 Dollars. Are There Any Others That Will?

Does bookmaker or any of the other sportsbooks let you place bets by phone?

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