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Easy 10 Points For Sports Fans And Gambling Addicts?

become my crony at CentSports.com and ill give u 10 points!
.. you start out w/ 10 cents (payed for by advertisers) and you bet on sports games. (NHL,NBA, NCAA BB, Tennis, etc.) Once you get to at least 10 bucks you cash out by Check some guy made $300
It is 100% legal, as you are betting with „play money”, at least until you get to 10 bucks!
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How Can I Express This Problem In An Easy Formula Or Equation?

Here’s the problem:
I want to place a bet on a rugby game. If I bet with bookmaker A, I win 100% of my bet back but would lose 105% of my bet. If I bet with bookmaker B, I win 120% of my bet but lose only 100% if I lose.
Naturally, if I win from Bookmaker A and lose from Bookmaker B, betting the same amounts, I will break even.
What if I lose to Bookmaker A and win from Bookmaker B?
How much do I have to bet so that I would break even in this scenario?

Is It Easy To Cheat The Benefit System?

I’ve spoke to people who’ve openly admitted to cheating the system in my time and I think that’s wrong because genuine claimaints then have a harder time. Was watching a programme on BBC One called on the fiddle and I’m shocked that one man was claiming in excess of ?330 a week for himself, a living wage for most people and spent all his time in the bookmakers gambling, what sort of other frauds to people commit? xxxx

Is It Easy To Be A Cashier In A Bookies ?

I’m going for an interview at Betfred bookmakers on Monday and was wondering how much knowledge do I need to know. I’m quite into football so I know the teams but I don’t really know anything about horses or the betting systems. I would like to learn it all though and I’m hoping that if I got the job I would be shown everything. Anyone else worked in a bookies lately that can tell me ?

What Is The Best (secure, Easy To Use, Etc,.) Sports Betting Site?

bodog.com is great. easy to use and you can deposit money back into your account after you win rather than having them mail you a check like sportsbook.com

I Just Recently Found Out That Sport Gambling On The Internet Is Illegal…why Is This? And Why Is It So Easy?

I’ve been betting in sports online for a while, but it makes no sense why would it be illegal to bet on sports games if we don’t directly influence the game? I understand when athletes or people that can affect the game bet on sports that should be illegal, but me the „average joe” why can’t I? And if its illegal how come it is so easy to still do and there are so many sties up that they never closed down? Why aren’t they regulating it?

What Is The Best Online Sports Betting Site To Use? Easy To Use And Quickest To Get Paid?

Can use credit cards without hassle?

What Are Some Easy To Learn And Fun Betting Games?

Either cards or dice or any other type is cool. The only ones I really know are Black Jack and Various forms of poker.
So if you know of any other simple fun betting games, please share!