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What Should The Odds Be For New England To Win The Super Bowl This Season?

I was checking The Super Bowl odds for this year on line and New England is 1/3. That’s not 3/1 that 1/3. That means if you bet 300 and they win The Super Bowl you get back back your 300 plus another 100. If they lose you say goodbye to your 300. That’s not much reward for your risk. Even die-hard Patriots’ fans are going to cringe at that bet.
I added up all of the odds and I averaged them out and the bookmakers give the Patriots a 74% chance of winning the Super Bowl. The Cowboys are second at 7%. That seems way too high even for the Pats. They’ll have to win 3 playoff games against the best of the rest.
What do you think the chances are (in percentage please) that the Patriots will win The Super Bowl this season? My odds would be:
40% – New England Patriots
25% – Dallas Cowboys
15% – Indianapolis
10% – Green Bay
10% – Anybody else

Can Anyone Tell Me The Odds At The Bookmakers For A 5-0 England Win Yesterday So I Know How Much 1 Goal Cost ?

i had ?5 that england would win 5-0 so the ashley cole back pass lost me my bet

Will The England Lose This Test Series?

After all the speculation in the English media about victory? when in fact we/they have 3 more tests to go.The Aussies are the deserved favourites now (as even the english bookmakers aren’t that silly).

Does Any Body Feel England Will Win The World Cup In The Foreseeable Future ????

I think it’s a pipe dream, and how they were installed as 3rd favourites, i think is an insult to peoples intelligence.
If i was a bookmaker, i would have taken ANY bets against them even progressing to the semi-finals.
I feel England have always had a defensive mentality, and are happy not to loose, as opposed to thinking like winners, then there’s the thing about having ‚great’ talent. Finally, how can you win at the highest level, if you can’t keep the ball, and we have a very average skill base, that results usually in two extremes a) a back pass, or b) a 40yrd pass, which is effectively a 50/50 ball. I believe you can play attractive % football, unfortunately we just cannot execute it…..

How Come A Lot Of People Are Not Betting On The New England Patriots To Win The Superbowl?

It?s very obvious that the awesome Pats are going to win the Superbowl, everyone should be betting! The odds at Vegas.com for the Patriots are 1:3. So if you bet $300 today and the Patriots win the Super Bowl, you get back your $300 plus $100. I just put in $30000 today and I?m going to laugh at everyone after the Pats win. Has anyone made that bet?