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Where To Bet Online For Football Games Etc..?

I am looking for a place online that’s safe, trusted, and easy to use with small minimums available. There seems to be way too many out there and I don’t know where to begin. I would like to primarily start off with football since it’s the sport I know and watch the most. Is there a way to hook this up with Vegas gambling?

How Does The Betting Work For Mlb Games? What Do The Numbers Mean, Like -150, +150 Etc.?

Its based on how much you would win on a hundred dollar bet.
So for example. If you bet on the Mets and they were +150. You would win 150$ for every 100$ you risk. And you use that same percentage for any amount. Meaning a 50$ bet would win you 75$ ect ect. A 10$ bet would win you 15$.
And lets say you bet on the yankees at -150. You would need to RISK 150$ to win 100$.
The + team is the underdog, and the – team is the favored team.

Anyone Hit It Big In Casinos, With Lotteries, Sports Betting, Etc.?

I usually do decently at Craps in Atlantic City. My biggest take was $2,000. I started with $150. I highly recommend learning Craps as you can do well at it, it’s by far the most fun and exciting game in a casino and you really only need to know about 5 bets that are offered on the table to do well. Most of the other bets are sucker bets anyway.

Can I Hire A Remote Viewer Or Dowser For Pick 3 Lotto, Sports Betting, Stocks, Etc.?

You certainly can – but your odds don’t change (in fact they get worse as you must also recover the cost of the fees paid to the viewer) .

What Is The Best (secure, Easy To Use, Etc,.) Sports Betting Site?

bodog.com is great. easy to use and you can deposit money back into your account after you win rather than having them mail you a check like sportsbook.com