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Whats A Good Sight To Bet On Fights And Sporting Events? A Reliable One People Trust?

Honestly, NONE.
Keep in mind, these are off-shore businesses and they have NO obligation to pay you. Many operate in Costa Rica and India and will quickly accept your money but pay off slowly or not at all.
I enjoy betting on college football. Did well and went through weeks of crap just to get the money owed me. Two years ago, they literally stole from me by refusing to pay out.
Don’t do it. They are scam artists.

Why Cant Yahoo Let Us Wager Play Money On Sporting Events Like The Card Games?

To bad we cant use our points to wager with or something like that. A gentlepersons betting forum.
Can you ask Q&A yahoo man questions like this?

How Do You Find A Bookie To Place Bets With On Sporting Events?

And once you’ve found one, what steps should you take to make sure that the bookie is honest and won’t cheat you out of your money?

Should Match Officials Be Banned From Betting On The Outcome Of Sporting Events?

From what i’ve consistently seen so far this season, a fair few have had a wager on Liverpool FC winning the Premier League..

Can You Watch Pay Per View Events At Las Vegas Sportsbooks?

Wondering if you can watch PPV events for free at the sports books or if they display them on the TV’s while you are betting?

What One Day Are There No Sporting Events To Bet On?


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Where Can You Bet (online) On World Events, Non-sports Happenings, Etc?

I’ve heard about these sites, but I can’t seem to bring up any on google … I don’t know what terms to use …

Do You Know A Place Were You Can Bet Money On Sports Events?


Would Pay For The Services Of A Sports Advisor To Pick Winners Of Sports Events For You To Bet On?

I’m sure you could put more time into the research than a sports adviser. Simple reason, they cover the gamut of sporting events, while you could focus on just one game. Regardless of the point spread or odds, it all boils down to math. Yet even if you are a strong mathematician, you could only end up getting a better view of the odds. Luck, however, is the universal force determining who wins, who loses.

Do Some People Make Their Living Betting On Sporting Events In Vegas By Taking Handicappers Advice?

being that a lot of handicappers can pick ATS at 70%