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Do You Ever Bet On Sports?

nope i save my gambling for the casino boat.

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Has Anyone Ever Had Trouble Depositing A Check From An Online Betting Site?

Anyone from WaMu?

Anyone Ever Cash Out From Bodog Or Sports Interaction?

has anyone ever cashed out and receive a check from any online gambling site? if so, have you ever had a problem depositing/cashing the check? i can’t remember the details but i recall someone one time having trouble at the bank since the check was issued from an overseas bank since it can not be from the US. anyone have any details on this i want to place some bets but will not if it will be too much of a hassle to deposit the winnings sent via the check. thanks.

Have You Ever Won Any Money Playing The Lottery In Your State?

Or would I have better odds betting on sports?

What’s The Most You’ve Ever Lost On A Sports Bet?

$10 on the superbowl

Has Anybody Ever Used Sports.com For Online Betting?

Just trying to find out if it is a legit site

Have You Ever Put A Bet On At A Bookmakers For Something Really Unusual?

like aliens landing on earth for example :)

What Was The Worst Sports Bet You Ever Made And How Much Did It Cost You?

I lost on the mavericks series against the warriors. 1500 bucks to win only 100. DAMN MAVERICKS!!!!

Anyone Ever Work In A Bookmakers? If So Would You Recommendd It?

Yes, I worked for a bookmaker in the 80’s & it was a great job.
I also worked for a loanshark at night but gave it away as I hated the sound kneecaps make when hit by a cricket bat.

Bookie Can Ever Be In Loss In Sports Arbitrage Betting???

Friends, ofcource we always win in sports arbitrage betting, but IS THERE ANY LOSS TO THE BOOKIE TO WHICH WE PLACE A BET? i think none of the party commits loss
> If none of the party commits loss, then is the capital going from 1 to another, i mean just one hand to other to other to other ORRRR
> Is the money generating, mean capital is born?
A very experienced bookie/financial investor, analyst can and should only answer this question, he can only understand what i actually mean to say

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