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Why Is Every Investor In America Betting That Google Will Continue To Rise?

Even at their current price, it is trading at only 1.39 times the expected earnings over the next five years. This is an indication of a decent value, for a growing company.

Are All Odds The Same At Every Betting Shop?

No, different bookmakers have different odds to make them competitive and to cover their own liabilities. Also you need to read up on taking a price when you place the bet or taking the starting price.

Every Single Way To Block Or Avoid A Website?

Pogo games are really a pain in the *** in my life.
(internet javascript gambling site)
I have Ebay selling and Poser/Daz3D things I need to do for my upcoming graphic novel, towards further income, but he’s always playing those damn games for hours on end.
He has equal access to the administrator account, and there is absolutely no way I’m willing to unleash a shitstorm by restricting him to a guest account.
I need all possible ways to block and complicate his access to the pogo games website on the internet. List everything you know please.

Every Time I Bet On Sport The Opposite Happens?

i mean, everyyyy time. When i think of putting money on something but i don’t it always wins! what the hell? is there some other force at work here?

How Many Bets Per Sport Are Done Every Day In The World ?

Where can i find reliable data about how many bet are done around the world on different sports (soccer, american football, rugby, basket ball, hand ball, tennis etc…)

Would Betting On Every Horse In A Race Be A Good Strategy?

I know you would lose on the one horse that wins but would your winnings from all those that lost cover it?

What Do You Think Would Happen If Every Lottery Player In The World Took A Day Off Betting?

I’m just curious. I mean, the lottery is the ultimate pyramid scheme. Millions pay maybe a dollar each and the jackpot is maybe 100 million out of the 500 million paid in that day. What would happen if no one played one that one day of the year?

What Is Stopping People From Betting On The Yankees Every Game And Not Making Money?

Say, someone bets 20 dollars on every yankee game… teams like the Yankees and Sox are always going to be over .500, isn’t this guaranteed moeny?

What Do Us Liverpool Fans Know That Every Bookmaker In The World Doesn’t? Could It Be This?