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When Exactly In The Mid 1960s Was Betting Tax Introduced In The Uk?

It was in the Budget just before England won the World Cup in 1966.

When You Bet On Sports, What Happens When You Exactly Meet The Spread (instead Of Covering It)?

If the spread is 1 and the final result yields exactly a difference of 1, does the bookie win?

In Sports Betting, What Exactly Does….

for example: „Minnesota a 6-2 as a 170 underdog” mean?

What Exactly Does „dime Players” Mean Regarding Sports Betting/handicapping?

When you bet a „dime” it means you are betting $1000 dollars. When you bet $500 it is refered to as betting a „nickel” So a dime player would be someone that bets in the $1000 range