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Anyone Has A Good Example That You Can Gamble You Soul And Lost It To Somebody Else?

Book, Document, Bible, Internet sites, Videos, anything!
The story is that my friend and I was talking about what is ammod made of so…….my friend said that it was a kind of nut that grow in shells but he was wrong and I was right, ammond is the core in abricots! But before all that happends, he said that he bet his life and everything plus soul that ammond does not come from abricot.
I won so….. does that mean I got his soul?
And can people buy/trade souls?
Cause I had trade 5% for a jew’s soul before. Does jews have souls?
Do you need to beleive God to have soul?
Is it considering a sin to get other people’s soul?
Cause man, If you can…………..I have fuuucking 4soul now.
Can you sell souls to the Devil?
Even though it’s not yours?
That would be fun!
Would it?
Would it considering a sin?

How Do You Convert Odds To Percentages.for Example What Do These Betting Odds Mean In Percentage 15/1?

Odds of 15 to 1 mean that someone has decided that the given event has a chance (probability) of 1 in 16 of occurring.
(i.e. 15 chances against it and only 1 for it happening).
1 in 16 is a percentage chance of 100/16 or 6.6667 per cent.
You convert it by expressing the given odds as a fraction, then change it to a decimal and then to a percentage.

How Does The Odds On Sports Betting Works? For Example On Baseball.?

i mean when they put it like +5 and stuff