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Can Someone Explain To Me How The Point Spread Works When Betting On Football?

For example, if the team you wagered on is a 7 point favorite, they must win by more than 7 points for you to win your bet. If they win the game, but by 6 points or less, you lose your bet. If they win by exactly 7, that’s called a „push” and no one wins (except the bookies!)
If the team you bet on is a 7 point underdog, they can lose the game by 6 points or less or win by any margin and you win your bet.
(Disclaimer) Of course, betting on football is illegal in most of the US, this is only a hypothetical example!

Can Someone Explain Each Way Betting To Me?

i know if you put ?5 on horse at 10/1 then you get ?55, but if you put say ?10 each way and its placed, how do you calculate. Is it a quarter of the odds or something like that. Never seems worth while betting each way.

Can Someone Explain To Me „evens” In Betting?

I’m thinking about betting on Britains Got Talent tomorrow, but Ladbrokes are only offering evens on Susan Boyle. If I put, say, ?10 on, what would I get back?

Can Someone Explain How Betting Works ?

I’m confused, i dont know how betting works. Like what does the betting term ”7/2” mean or ”8/5”, i understand that the betting term ”2/1” means that whatever your betting on has a good chance of winning and that ”100/1” means that its unlikely what your betting on is gonna win. Can someone give me a basic or a step by step guide on how the whole betting business works.

Can Someone Explain Betting Odds, What Does -550 Mean?

I know that means you a large favorite, but if I were to bet 2 dollars and win, how much would I get back?

What Does Cover The Spread Mean In Betting? Explain To Me In Terms Of What The Plus And Minus Signs Mean…?

For ex. If i choose the Bears to beat the rams and i click onthe -7.5 what does it mean?
Or if i choose the eagles to beat the ravens what does the +1.5 mean?

Can Someone Explain How Betting And Odds Works?

let’s say the Giants are a 20:1 favorite to win the SuperBowl
what does over/under mean? what does „taking the line” mean? and if you put down $20 on the Giants and they win, how much money do you get?

Betting Odds.. Could Someone Explain?

What does (-140 or +2000) mean? Thanks http://www.1800-sports.com/presidential-?

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When Gambling Sports What Does +185 Mean? How Do You Explain The Point System In Gambling Like That?

I want to bet on team winning it all next year but, the odds are as follows— +185 or +425 can you explain that too mean….Thanks!

Can Someone Explain How Betting Odds Work?

I’m looking at x-factor, and one act has odds of 4/1 to win, and one has 40/1 to win, and I have no idea what that means!

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