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Why Is It That The Yankee Fans Think That They Deserve Respect From Other Fans?

When it’s clear that they don’t give respect back to others? Can’t they accept the fact that there are other teams that have other fans?
Instead here they are giving thumbs down to every other fan, even when there not talking about the Yankees.
And i’m also betting over 60% of „Yankee Fans” are bandwagon people.
I’d like to appreciate the Yankees, but the way the fans are so rude… I don’t think anyone is going to.
Peopla also say that Baseball has no respect, but EVERY sport has respect for one another.

Ny Sports Fans How About This ?

Lets have the dodgers move back to Brooklyn. They can build a stadum on the land that the Nets where going to use. Then You have the Mets move to LA. ( they have always just been a store brand version of the Yankees) and city field can be changed to a foot ball stadium ( should not be hard the out field is soooo big) and the Jets can play there. That way every one is happy. New York baseball fans who hate the yankees don’t have to deal with the Mets anymore and people in LA dont care weather they win or loose so they wont be that angry that the Mets never win. And then Joe Torry will do what casey stengel did and come from being a wining Yankee manager and going across town to help prop up the new ball club in NY. And the dodgers will be back in Brooklyn where they belong.
I’m sorry but the mets just fail in New York. When you look at NY baseball history the Dodgers Yankees and giants had a great rivalry. Now what is it. Apart from a Few years in the late 80s and one yaar in 69 the bets have just not been able to be good enough for a cross town rivalry with the Yankees.

Question For Hockeys Fans In Canada Only?

I am only looking for people that are a fan of hockey in Canada, I see in your country that the sport is very popular, unlike the sports of baseball, basketball, and football. But my question to you, what do you like to do once the hockey season comes to an end, I bet that you might watch the playoffs, but what do you like to do once the Stanley Cup playoffs are all over for the year?

Hello Football Fans, A Quick Poll: What Are Your Favorite Betting Sites (bet365, Bwin, Etc.) And Why?

Also do you know of any sites that have fantasy games (either free or not) that you can play competitively for prizes/cash?

Do College Football Fans Care About The Rampant Cheating By Their „student-atheletes”?

From no show jobs to academic fraud, everyone is doing it.
Check out this recent article:http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/football/ne?
Don’t get me wrong, I know that the rivalries are the best in sports, the sports betting is a lot of fun, but if it is purely entertainment for us, shouldn’t the players get paid like the administrators who are getting rich of their athletes? Scholarships are worth what, $20k-40k? They deserve to be paid more as they bring in so much more for the schools.
This excerpt is hilarious:
„AUBURN, Ala. ? The NCAA has determined that Auburn did not commit academic fraud in allowing (football players) to take courses that required little or no time in the classroom.”

Sports Fans, What Is It?

Paying spectaters only, please tell me what it is that draws you to being a sports fan. Please leave out the beer drinking and betting because those are given. I understand playing sports, I just don’t get watching sports. Especially if you don’t personally know the person or people you are cheering for.
Why pay so much to watch someone else work when they would never pay to come watch you work?

Could 20twenty Cricket Attract Fans Of All Other Sports In Asia And Africa , How Does It Progress Elsewhere?

Africa had very few cricket fans 5 years ago now more fans
Asia that is crickets best destination
Nort, South America, europe I dont know so please lot me know
Middle east that part of the world is surely football crazy but dubai constructed the world’s bet cricket stadium

Sports Fans… Join Here!?

If you guys are die-hard sports fans then consider joining this website! It’s absolutely free and you don’t have to provide them with any vulnerable information (credit card numbers, addresses, bank account info, etc)


CentSports.com is just one of many places on the Internet where you can place bets on major sporting events.
What makes CentSports unique is that we’re actually legal. Currently you can’t running a gambling website from inside the U.S. This site is more like a fantasy-football game … we give you a small amount of play-money to start out with … you make bets with this, just like you could in Vegas … but, again, you’re just betting with ‚play money’.
However, if you do well enough … i.e., if you win enough of your play-money bets, we’ll actually let you ‚cash out’ your play money for real money … and maybe other stuff like t-shirts, CentSports gear, etc.

Mufc Glory Hunters (not For True Mufc Fans Who Know Football.)? A History Lesson..?

From football 365…
The memories of spring 1998 will ensure Manchester United are not allowed to start thinking the Premier League title is in the bag.
Most pundits believe the championship will be heading back to Old Trafford this season, with bookmakers Paddy Power so certain they have already paid out on a United domestic treble.
The move has been dismissed as ‚a gimmick’ by United boss Sir Alex Ferguson, whose side entertain Blackburn on Saturday knowing victory will take them eight points clear of second-placed Liverpool.
And he recalls exactly the same plaudits being showered on his team 11 years ago, when they opened up a 12-point lead on Arsenal only to suffer a dismal slump in March when they managed only one draw in a three-game run that included a home defeat by their chief rivals.
That sequence put United on the back foot and they never recovered the initiative as the Gunners strode to their first title triumph under Arsene Wenger.
„People were saying it was a foregone conclusion in 1998,” recalled Ferguson.
„But when we got to the beginning of March, Ryan Giggs and Gary Pallister got injured, Peter Schmeichel was carrying one and Paul Scholes had to play with a broken toe.
„In attack, Andy Cole and Teddy Sheringham had to play all the time during a certain period because Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was injured.
„It told on the run-in because we couldn’t freshen the team up.”
The killer blow came when the Gunners came to Old Trafford and Ferguson had to rely on John Curtis and Ben Thornley in a game United eventually lost to a late Marc Overmars goal.
Along with the last-day heartbreak in 1995 when United laid siege to the West Ham goal at Upton Park but failed to get a winner to prevent Blackburn clinching the title, it is a day etched in Ferguson’s psyche.
However, he does concede the whole make-up of the Premier League has changed markedly in the intervening decade, making such comebacks – the like of which Chelsea need this term – substantially more difficult.
„It is a tough league now,” said Ferguson.
„There are so many teams fighting for survival for a start, which makes it a challenge all the time.
„It is a far better league now. There are far better players and the standard of football is much higher.”

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