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Where Can I Find An Openerp Module For Running An Office Betting Pool And Poker Tournament?

Urban Outfitters has them in the following available screen colors:
Emo Black
I’m Bohemian Purple
Earth Green
Posy Poser Garden.
Good luck in your search.

Where Can I Find Official Sp Prices?

I don’t know much about betting on horse racing as I am more into tennis and other sports, but I lately I was given a horse racing system which the owner claimed to be a winning system. The system is based on backing horses with certain odds based on their SP price. I always bet on betfair and I was told that the prices there do not reflect the real SP prices, can anyone tell me where can I get the official SP prices for UK races?
Thank you

What Link Do I Go To To Find Out The Locations Of Nys Off Track Betting Locations/?

Can someone tell me how to find locations

Where To Find Historical Tennis Betting Odds?

I’m looking for sources of historical betting odds, for players to win the tounament outright from the beginning of the tournament.
I have found historical odds for individual matches, just looking for past ‚outright winner’ odds from the last five years in any or all major tennis tournaments, for both men and women.
It doesn’t have to be free information. If a paid service can provide all the data, that is ok.
Thanks for your time.

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Why Do I Want To Go To Vegas So Bad And Find Ways To Play Blackjack Or Poker A Lot When Im 16?

I like playing LCR and Bingo, especially at my vacation spot every year. I also like playing no limit texas holdem and blackjack over the internet with fake money. I thought 21 was one of the most interesting movies I’ve seen. (Never top Live Free or Die Hard though) Why do I have an interest in this stuff so early in life. Is it cause I’m bored with my current life and want to do something exciting and new? I don’t see why I should like to gamble, but I do know its allllottt of fun when moderated.

Where Can I Find A Betting Website That Will Take A Bet That Uf Will Win 07 And 08 Championships?

I know its a long shot and tons of haters will post junk but I want to know where I can put a little cash on this long shot

Where To Find These Gambling Cards?

What are the cards you see in bars used for betting on sports. You take a lighter to one side of the card ,heat and peel off foil to find out the #’s. there are 10 lines that you can write your name on on one side of the card. Anyone know where to find them? What are they called also?

Why Do People In This Day & Age Still Find Pleasure In Rooster Fights, Dog Fights, Etc?

If you want to bet on a fight, there are human fights where the participants have a choice. If it’s just gambling, you can bet on sports or anything. (Can you believe I had to change that to rooster??? Come on people that is the correct term!)

Where Can I Find Some Free Live Chat-rooms For Live Betting?

just like bwin, thanks a lot.

Where Could I Find People That Want To Make Money Betting Baseball?

Talk to Pete.