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Will Mayweather Accept Challenge From Sean Sherk?

Floyd Mayweather recently made a statement that UFC fighters are inferior to boxers, and said that if any boxer of his caliber was to come to the UFC they would clean house.
This really put a burr under the saddle of one Sean „The Muscle Shark” Sherk, who immediately said that if Mayweather is ready, he can come to the UFC and fight him, and that the fight would probably last about a minute before he destroys Mayweather.
Anyone who knows the UFC and MMA as a whole knows that pure boxers are at an extreme disadvantage in the octagon, so will Mayweather be brave enough to prove his point?
If I know Dana White, I am sure that he will have Sherk call out Mayweather to prove his bravado on a pay per view event. Surely this the chance to put boxing back on the map, but I am betting that Mayweather will never put his money where his mouth is. Am I right or wrong?http://sports.sympatico.msn.ca/The+ongoi?

Would This Lifestlye Work – From A Financial Perspective?

i have numerous jobs, such as bartending, baseball umpiring, buying/selling safe stocks to make profit, ebaying, blood donor and local paper run.
Then i get all my earnings together go to the TAB and bet on a team i know will win. Then get the money i make and keep stacking it into the TAB, betting more each time i gain more.
Would this work? i mean for a lot of sport games you can guess confidenlty who wins? plus what is the limint on how much can you bet in the TAB at once?
btw TAB in australia, is the place where you bet on sport games

Why Do Idiots Not Understand That Killing An Animal To Feed Your Family Is Different From Dog Fighting????????

Why do all these idiots in the news, I will refrain from pointing people out, think that there is no difference from killing and animal and feeding your family (hunting) and having two defenseless dogs fight till the death?????? Betting on dog fighting is not a sport and the $%^& that think it is are incompetent.

Why Is It That The Yankee Fans Think That They Deserve Respect From Other Fans?

When it’s clear that they don’t give respect back to others? Can’t they accept the fact that there are other teams that have other fans?
Instead here they are giving thumbs down to every other fan, even when there not talking about the Yankees.
And i’m also betting over 60% of „Yankee Fans” are bandwagon people.
I’d like to appreciate the Yankees, but the way the fans are so rude… I don’t think anyone is going to.
Peopla also say that Baseball has no respect, but EVERY sport has respect for one another.

Have Any Members Of The Man Utd Squad From 2000-current Been On A Question Of Sport?

bit of a random question, but need evidence of any answers given in order to settle and arguementt and win a bet!!

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What Is Your Best Bet Taking Public Transportaion From Sj To The Wachovia Center In Philly?

I’m sick of driving in all that miserable traffic to go see an sporting event or concert, especially if there’s another event going on at the same time. Any suggestions?

Is The Only Thing That Separates Gambling From The Stock Market The Fact That Stocks Provide Ownership?

I’m not talking retirement or long term holdings, but more day trading where you close out all positions by days end. Isn’t it essentially a bet that the stock will move up or down? Up you make money, down you lose, (long positions only). How is that different from a gamble? But please spare the fundamental differences between stocks and sports bets, I’m talking of a boiled down version. If you bet a stock will go up and it does, how is that different from a sports bet? Aren’t they both „gambles” that the unkown will work in their favor? If so, is the only difference the fact that stock represents ownership? Now that i think of it, lets talk options too. An option itself isn’t ownership itself but the opportunity to buy ownership. So if an option is closed out and not exercised, isn’t that a bet? Oh and by the way, i’m looking for specific LEGALITY, not if you think so or not. Thanks in advance.

Hey Cheerleaders! Some People Say I Should Cheerlead In A Uniform From Losing A Bet What Do You Think Of That?

If you’re a cheerleader or used to be say what you’d make me wear and do for the bet. Other people can answer too I guess.
We only have girls cheer at my school and they wear a little red and white uniform with a tight top and short skirt! If you agree or disagree say why.
I said cheerleading isn’t a sport and girls can’t beat guys in sports. They bet if I lost to a cheerleader in basketball they get to make me cheer any way they want and I lost to a cheerleader named Cathy.
What do you think they’ll make me cheer in and why?

Pete Rose Was Banned From Baseball Forever, Because He Gambled On His Sport, With No Proof That He Bet Against

his team or did anything to cheat the game. So what should be done with the steroid users?

Can I Gamble On Bodog Legally From Within The Us?

Can i play poker for real money and place bets on sporting events through bodog from within the united states. I was told it is legal to actually play for real money but once winnings are deposited into a US bank account a federal crime is being committed