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Is This A Sign Of A Business Going Tubby-bye-byes In The Near Future?

The usually reclusive owner of Sports Direct has stirred up both controversy and publicity in the City by branding certain investors ?a bunch of cry babies? and declaring that shares in Sports Direct are ?not for the fainthearted?. Due to ?exceptionally difficult” trading conditions in the wet weather, the company issued a profit warning but controversially refused to release like-for-like trading figures and consequently shares plummeted 25% in one day. Speaking to the press, Mr Ashley said: ?I am building a long-term business. I can?t spend all my time worrying if the share price goes up and down. It may drop to 80p, but over three years I am betting it will be nearer 800p. I have built the company over 25 years and I am planning the next 25 years. But all anyone wants to talk to me about is what happened in June”.
Am I alone in thinking this means big trouble?

If You Had The Power To Heal Others Or The Power To See The Future; Which Would You Choose? But Wait….?

Two movies: Ressurection and The Dead Zone. One had to do with healing others after a near death experience and putting up with the notoriety and pressure to heal those who came to you, and the other had to do with episodic visions of things that would happen( kids playing hockey on a pond where the ice was starting to break, and a senator who would become president and start WW111. No lottery ticket visions or sports outcome betting millionaires.

How Many Americans Are Happy W/ Obama’s „all-in” Poker Stance W/ The Future Of America At Stake?

In poker, there’s a maneuver called „all-in,” in which a player pushes all his chips to the center of the table in one big bet.
By that standard, President Barack Obama is conducting an all-in presidency.
The big bet is Mr. Obama’s first budget, which he has spent this week selling hard, from closed rooms on Capitol Hill to open forums on the Internet. It’s an all-in policy statement.
The budget attempts to launch at the outset most of the big policy initiatives the president has in mind for his term. It has money for a new health plan, envisions a cap-and-trade system for limiting so-called greenhouse gases, invests big money in alternative energy, and continues the flow of dollars into education started in the economic-stimulus package.
Its sweep is striking, which cheers Obama partisans who want bold strokes. But it also is a real gamble. It has scared some important constituencies, including moderate Democrats who fear the deficits it could create, and business backers such as Warren Buffett, who worry its broad ambitions will divert attention from core economic problems. It has drawn new attention to deficits, united Republicans in opposition, and made it easier for critics to paint the president as a traditional big-spending liberal.

What Do People Think The Future For Betting Shops Is??

For punters, what can they do to make it more comfortable, enjoyable??

If Clairvoyants Can Predict The Future, Why Don’t They Play Lotto?

Or bet on sports?

If You Were Offered The Power Of Being Able To See The Future, Would You Accept It?

To know the day you would die? To know what was going to happen, but having no ability to change it. I would pass. Sure, you could make a lot of money in the stock market and on betting on sports, but life is finite. Would you really want to know what was about to happen before it did?

The Future Of Casinos?

Will (or should I say when) Internet gambling take over and begin to dominate the gambling industry?
I work at one of the large Indian casinos in CT, and I can definately see it closing down in my lifetime. They’re trying to become more of an all around resort, but gaming will always be their core business. Thank God I’m in IT and can just go elsewhere if the Internet does indeed take over…

If I Bet On A Future Event In A Vegas Sports Book, Will They Send Me A Check If I Win?

I am planning a trip to Las Vegas this weekend and would like to bet on the Stanley Cup Finals. Will the sports book take my info and mail me a check if I win or do I have to present my ticket in person after the event?
(I am not a Nevada resident)

Does Any Body Feel England Will Win The World Cup In The Foreseeable Future ????

I think it’s a pipe dream, and how they were installed as 3rd favourites, i think is an insult to peoples intelligence.
If i was a bookmaker, i would have taken ANY bets against them even progressing to the semi-finals.
I feel England have always had a defensive mentality, and are happy not to loose, as opposed to thinking like winners, then there’s the thing about having ‚great’ talent. Finally, how can you win at the highest level, if you can’t keep the ball, and we have a very average skill base, that results usually in two extremes a) a back pass, or b) a 40yrd pass, which is effectively a 50/50 ball. I believe you can play attractive % football, unfortunately we just cannot execute it…..

What Will Be The Future Uses For The Internet?

Currently there are many uses for the web: job listings, fantasy sports, gambling, communities, news, e-mail, music and videos, and many others.
What part of the internet do you think will grow the most over the next five years, or what would you like to see developed more?