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Is It Right That A Gambler Can Sue The Betting Shop For Allowing Him To Lose Money?

When will people stop blaming others for their own failings? No-one forced him to spend thousands of pounds at the bookies….had he won I wonder if he would have taken them to court. I hope the court throws this out.
What next….suing Tescos for selling me pies that made me fat?

Pro Gambler But Need Help…?

I have gambled for a living for about 4+ years now, mixing sports gambling, Horses and mainly poker (99% online).
Grew up in a ‚gambling’ family (i.e my Dad owned Horses and I followed racing from a young age) I also managed a Bookmakers for 5years before I went ‚solo’.
Anyway, the question… I am making great money from what I am doing (profit usually ranges from 1-4k a month) with the odd ‚big’ win (21k in a multi my biggest) and obviously have the odd month that goes a bit wrong BUT I would make ALOT lot more if I could stay away from Online Casinos etc which I just can’t seem to do!?
As soon as the odds are not in my favour, it is a disaster, have seen myself blow thousands on Roulette,Slots etc..(have lost 12k and 7k each in one night) but keep going back for more punishment.
I love poker but now I view it as my job so disipline is easy but when I can’t sleep and not in the ‚zone’ for poker I turn these Casinos on and blow loads….

Is A Professional Gambler A Bum?

If someone aspires to win money on sports gambling or poker, are they a bum? If they win at sports betting or poker consistently are they a bum? What is your opinion?

My Mom Is A Compulsive Gambler, Please Help? ?

On vacation, she loves going to the casino’s.
Lately however, she’s been watching more gambling shows on tv, and gambling on the internet too, and this year on vacation, she couldn’t even be dragged out of the casino.
Now, she’s even going to the casino in our hometown.
Please, any suggestions? My dad gets really angry with this, and my family can’t deal with this.
I may be her daughter, but I am an older teenager, so I understand the implications of involving myself, i simply ask for your advice

I Am A Pro Gambler – I.e It Is My Only Source Of Income. Do I Need To Declare My Winnings To The Taxman?

i use exchanges and online bookmakers and live in the uk.

(gambling)who Is Not Just An Internet Gambler?

If there are any people out there not afraid to put down their computers and actually compete at something real……….I’m challenging anyone in the San Antonio area to some Nine Ball 50$ or 100$ sets. I suck at pool but i’ve been losing at everything else, I figure I can control my fate better at Pool, I can play a little, I know the rules and I like to gamble.

Online Gambling – Winners Enclosure No Lose System

What is it about online gambling that is attracting more and more people (male and female) to wager and place their bets over the internet? Gone are the days of the James bond attire and towers of roulette chips as gamblers from all around the globe snub the casino scene, are casino halls becoming extinct, well it certainly looks that way judging by gambling sites membership databases.

Online gambling is hot and here to stay; this is supported by the great number of memberships that are already present on gambling sites, being renewed or freshly being applied for. Gaming websites that offer the punter the opportunity to gamble are popping up all over the internet. Why the popularity of gambling in this manner is because of safety and security, people are more comfortable with having the option which permits them to gamble in the comfort of their home. The big plus about the whole scenario of online gambling is the privacy deal where sole discretion of how and with who you operate is kept under wraps so as to speak.

Online gambling is not purely directed towards one type of gambling endeavour, you can play poker online, bingo online, lotto, games of blackjack, keno and much more – the options are phenomenal.

Online gambling is fast becoming a hot commodity. If you tend on joining up as new member on one of the many hundreds of gambling sites on the internet then you must take time out to do some homework about the website you seek a membership with, not all online gambling sites deliver their promise i.e. big jackpots, personal security etc, in fact and quite alarmingly many scams on the internet include gambling’s sites where predators if you like take your money giving you nothing back in return.

Search and seek for a reputable gambling source which pays out big money, keeps your details privatized and also provides a 24 hour support system, all these are a regular practice of trustworthy gambling sites thus giving the gambler peace of mind.

One site for popularity favoured by gamblers alike is www.beattheoddsgambling.com you can download games, get all the information you need and preview games. You can play online gambling games such as roulette, black jack, slots, war, bingo, poker and much more. There is no difference to gambling online to that of offline – both ways pay out big money; of course this would depend on the amount wagered by the players.

The most important thing you need to remember about gambling is there will always be a loser, however in contrast we have the winner too, but unless that winning streak prevails you can lose control where the urge to try and win back your losses can have you fall deeper in debt.

If your gambling becomes a habit then possibly you now have a gambling problem, fret not help is readily to hand to give support in assisting you to kick the habit. If you believe you are in control of your gambling and enjoy the odd flutter on the horses, a game of poker online, bingo or blackjack then fine, but, do you have a system to help boost your winning power, if not then forever a loser you will be.

Comfort casinos (Online Gambling) are now the mania for stay at home gamblers.

Over the four quarters to the month of March 2007, 8.4% of the 8,000 of grown ups in research study admitted to joining in at least one type of remote gambling in the previous month. This compares with the 2006 calendar annual figure of 7.9%., 91.6% claimed they had never indulged or considered participating in any type of remote gambling.

Remote gambling attracts more men than women – age determined to be that of 18 – 34. However, no matter the age or gender – responsibility of your finances is in your control and no one else’s.

Most people who gamble online do so for the same reason and that is to win money, however, most of those people for the same reason now seek help for addiction.

What Is The Average Bet Amount For An Average Sports Gambler Within The Internet Sports Betting Website?

Is it around 5$, 10$, 20$, etc.

The Low Down on the Gambling Biz’s High Rise

Like it or not, gambling – whether online, offline or out-of-line – is not going away. At least not before 2011 if a recent Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP report proves to be accurate.Gambling 101 (billion dollars, that is)

According to the widely anticipated Pricewaterhouse Coopers report released just last Thursday, worldwide gambling revenue is expected to climb from $101.6 billion in 2006 to $144 billion by 2011. This figure is calculated based on a compounding rate of 7.2% per annum and powered primarily by new casino launches and upgrades of existing ones in regions throughout the world.

US gambling revenues are projected to increase 6.7% per year, from $57.5 billion to $79.6 billion. The Asian Pacific region, fast becoming the world’s second biggest casino market, can expect 15.7% growth from $14.6 billion to $30.3 billion.UK Hard Hit by UIGEA

Online gaming operators in the United Kingdom are already experiencing growing pains and bracing for more as the US Department of Justice continues to crack down on financial institutions facilitating payments to and from online casinos. The guidelines spelling precisely how the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) will be enforced are expected to be made public next month.

Lawful casino and Internet-based gambling revenue in the region including Europe, the Mideast & Africa is expected to grow 1.9% per year to $27.8 billion from $25.2 billion. The report also foresees that restrictions on sports wagering, plus new licenses, shall have adverse affects on European sports betting overall.

In the USA, Nevada’s gambling revenues are slated to grow 7.5% per year to $18.2 billion. New Jersey’s Atlantic City – on the other hand – can expect revenues to drop 0.1% annually to $5.2 billion. While Nevada’s growth is expected to come as a result of new casinos being developed in Las Vegas, the report predicts New Jersey’s gambling sector will be adversely affected by the availability of slot machines in the neighboring State of Pennsylvania.Native Land Casinos

By 2011, America’s Native Indian casinos are expected to generate some $36.5 billion, up 7.6% a year from $25.3 billion in 2006. Regional US casinos beyond Atlantic City and Nevada – and not including tribal casino venues – are projected to increase 6.6% per year to $19.5 billion, while sports betting will see an annual growth rate of 5.8% to $255 million.

Canada’s gaming revenues are slated to rise from $4 billion to $5.9 billion, and Latin America’s revenues are expected to increase to $495 million from $278 million.

Roger is an award-winning online casino games reporter and avid player credited with identifying the best online casinos.
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Online Gambling: to Regulate or not to Regulate

I have a confession: Until very recently, I was all for governments regulating the online gambling industry, especially in the wake of America?s latest prohibition. But now I must admit I?m having second thoughts: better thoughts. After all, even if the United States government does ?do the right thing? ? that is ? legalize and regulate gambling over the Internet, who is to say we?re going to like the new rules? And once these guidelines are all sorted out and agreed upon by all governments concerned, (yeah, like that is going to happen soon), what then?

The $64,000 question is: Are those same personal freedoms being demanded by online gambling proponents at risk of being curtailed due to any future regulatory measures? In other words, will the eventual freedom among Americans, for example, to place bets with online casinos, poker rooms and bingo halls etc. over the Internet be replaced by laws considered even more draconian? Perhaps regulating the online gambling industry is not the ideal solution. Self-regulating, on the other hand, could very well prove more advantageous in the end for freedom-loving Web surfers everywhere, gamblers or not. You know what they say, ?Be careful what you wish for.? Keeping the government out of the Internet game may be the best medicine, especially for those sicker societies.

I recently read about 2008 US Presidential candidate Ron Paul and his position on online gaming. Interestingly enough, the good congressman is also a co-sponsor of Barney Frank?s bill calling for the American government to repeal the current awful Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) and instead legalize and regulate the gaming industry. Paul’s support for Frank?s bill would hardly be a shocker if he were a Democrat, like Frank, only Ron Paul is a Republican. You know, those guys who talk out of one side of their mouth about the need for government to stay out of peoples’ lives, while prohibiting them from spending what little is left from their salaries after paying taxes on great American pastimes like poker.

Congressman Paul put it this way: ?I believe strongly that the Internet should not be regulated by the federal government & believe even more strongly that people should be free to engage in the activities they wish, as long as they?re willing to take responsibility for their actions.? President Paul went on to add, ?The majority of people in Washington were afraid to support the Internet for fear it would label them pro-porn or pro-gambling.?

Personally, I believe it is simply a question of being pro-honest with US voters.

C?mon on America. Get with the times; not behind them!

Roger is an award-winning online casino games reporter and avid player credited with identifying the best online casinos.
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