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Gambling In High School?

Well my friends and I like to gamble. Actually, we pretty much bet on any sports event. Right now I’m deff. doing good but im afraid it will soon be a problem. What should I do?

Is This The First Step To Gambling?

Hi im 15 years old and love sports and have been using centsports.com for about a month now. Its a sports gambling website that u can bet on sports teams and not pay anything but win real money.
ive been going crazy with it and getting very angry with teams and i know it and kind of think its funny because i understand what gambling can do, and my brother sees it as well. i know that i may get in bad moods and be furous over some teams that i usually dont care about, but i think its funny that i get this way after.
i know i wont stop doinf this website, but im tihnking now that maybe i might get worse in the future.
please dont tell me to stop this cuz i seriously 100% gaurentee u i wont. Ive never been addicted to something in my life im just thinking maybe this is the first step to bad gambling habbits in the future.
just let me kno what u think.

Legal Gambling Age In Texas?

I’d like to bet on pro sports games when I turn 18. Will that be legal in Texas?

Is This Illegal Gambling?

Is it illegal to bet on sports before the age of 21?

Sport Scandals – Gambling?

So I’m writing a paper, and I need some examples of some sport scandals that involve gambling
For example :
Tim Donaghy – gambling on sport games
Pete Rose – Betting on MLB Games
The more the merrier. Thanks in advance !

Americans….guns V. Gambling?

Ok, I have a question for all our American friends.
How is it that your esteemed leaders find it morally acceptable for you to bear arms and carry guns yet do not trust you with your own money?
You can go buy handguns, rifles, etc but you can’t play poker online or bet on sports!? How ridiculous!
Why is this?

Couple Of Sports Gambling Questions.?

In Vegas and looking to gamble a bit on college football for tomorrow. Picked up the sheet w/ all spreads and stuff on it and a little bit confused. There are 3 separate columns of numbers. The first is the spread and I know how that works. Second I’m pretty sure is the over/under (numbers in the 40’s and 50’s). Third one I’m vaguely aware of. Pretty sure it is the payout, but I thought that the point of the spread made all the games even money. Also was wondering how parlays work. Know you have to win all the bets, but have heard conflicting accounts on the payouts.

What Are The Rules For Betting”double Or Nothing” When Gambling?

Are you doubling your bet only , winnings only, or both?

Bodog Sports Gambling Help?

i placed a bet it says
Hockey – NHL (Game) Total
(69) Calgary Flames vs. (70) San Jose Sharks Under 5 (+120) Mon@10:05p
Risk US$ 8.00 to win US$ 9.60
i picked the sharks they are winning 3 0 right now im not really sure what i betted though??

What Is The Gambling Age In Uk? ?

So when can you start betting on sports in uk
and when can you go casino?