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Where To Bet Online For Football Games Etc..?

I am looking for a place online that’s safe, trusted, and easy to use with small minimums available. There seems to be way too many out there and I don’t know where to begin. I would like to primarily start off with football since it’s the sport I know and watch the most. Is there a way to hook this up with Vegas gambling?

The Spread For Sports Games?

can someone explain to me how the spread works
say the celtics are 8 point favorites over the heat and i bet on the celtics
what happens when the celtics win by 8 or more?
win by 7 or less?
what happens when the heat win by 8 or more?
win by 7 or less?

Top Casino Games We Can Win At?

I can only think of four, and want a top five list.
I have the following
What would another one be, Insurance on a house? (LOL)

I’d Like To Get Input On This Weeks Nfl Games.?

Here is a list of the odds for this weeks games. I’d perfer people’s input who have experience in sports betting.
Titans: -11, O/U 44 @ Lions
Seahawks:+13, O/U 46.5 @ Cowboys
Cardinals: +1, O/U 47 @ Eagles
Broncos: +7.5, O/U 47.5 @ Jets
49ers: +7, O/U 42.5 @ Bills
Giants: -3.5, O/U 41.5 @ Redskins
Ravens: -7, O/U 36.5 @ Bengals
Colts: -4.5, O/U 45 @ Browns
Falcons: +5, O/U 49 @ Chargers
Steelers: +1 O/U 40 @ Patriots
Chiefs: +3 O/U 41.5 @ Raiders
Bears: +3.5 O/U 42 @ Vikings
Jaguars:+3 O/U 48 @ Texans

What Xbox 360 Games Should I Get?

Im gettin a 360 for christmas. Im 17 into shooters rpgs and racing games and not sports games even through im a varsity athelete in basketball and football. I think sports games are terrible to play and get old soo fast. I was lookin at Gears 2 fable 2 halo 3 cod 4 or 5 whichever is better nfs undercover and midnight club la if i could pick 2 what would be the best bet?

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In Sports, Especially Baseball, Why Does Everyone Calculate „games Over/under .500″ Incorrectly?

The San Francisco Giants are 25-35 today. How many games under .500 is that?
If you said 10, you should get a math tutor. If you said 5, hooray! You are in a VERY small minority of people who calculate it correctly.
I can’t even recall the last time I heard someone in the media calculate a team’s over/under .500 stat correctly.
For example, if a team has played 10 games and lost every single one, they’re 0-10. Every single sports broadcaster, commentator, writer, writer’s dog, writer’s dog’s uncle, etc, refers to such a team as being 10 games under .500.
That is completely, utterly, flat-out WRONG!!
After 10 games, a .500 team would be 5-5. The difference between 0-10 and 5-5 is… what’d’ya know, FIVE games! So an 0-10 team is five games under .500.
This is not rocket surgery. So why does EVERYONE get it wrong?
(I bet I’ll get some answers that insist 0-10 is indeed 10 games under .500. To those answerers I say, give your elementary school math teacher a call.)

Why Cant Yahoo Let Us Wager Play Money On Sporting Events Like The Card Games?

To bad we cant use our points to wager with or something like that. A gentlepersons betting forum.
Can you ask Q&A yahoo man questions like this?

What Happened To That Referee That Was Betting On The Games?

On Aug. 15 he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to engage in wire fraud and transmitting wagering information through interstate commerce. He is waiting for his sentencing.
The FBI investigation continues. Seems married man Donaghy had a girlfriend in Phoenix. A Phoenix bartender/bar owner is being questioned about his involvement, if any, with Donaghy’s scheme.
His wife has filed for divorce.

Are Most Sports Games Rigged?

Have you ever bet on a game and though that the point spread was in your favor, but somehow you lost anyway and figured the game must be rigged? Now that the NBA referee that was just busted for rigging games, do you think there are more corrupt referees in other sports?
Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/news;_ylt=Ar?

Where Can I Find Sigma Derby Games In Las Vegas?

The sigma derby game is an old style mechanical horse racing machine that several players play a one time. There used to be one at the MGM, near the sports book, but the last time I was there it had been removed. It was a lot of fun (not a good bet though) and I was wandering if there was still some around town.