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Why Is It So Funny When A Man Gets Kicked In The Genitals?as A Man This Isn’t Funny To Me At All!?

I mean come on MEN, why do YOU laugh at this joke? I LOVE women very much, but I wonder If a women got kicked in the genital would everybody[including women]think that this is so funny.Because I don’t get the joke !If you are being attacked by a man in self defense O.K. I understand.Otherwise this whole notion of kicking a man in the genitals for fun and sport is crazy. Let’s start seeing more movies where women get kicked in the genitals,I bet that will change public oppinion!

How Many Businesses Will Move When Obama Gets Elected?

Im 1/2 owner of a buisness here in the US, based out of Las Vegas, NV. We already pay huge taxes on our profits and from our gambling winnings. We have 9 full-time employees.
But if Obama gets elected, we have been talking about moving our business to Ireland since they only have an 11% business tax and we wont be taxed on our gambling winnings since we can bet over the internet instead of going into the sportsbooks here in Vegas.
How many other business will move and employees laid off if Obamas tax plan goes into effect?