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My Girlfriend Lost A Bet And I Need Ideas.?

Me and my girlfriend had a bet on a sports game and she was sure she was gonna win she bet me she would do anything i wanted her to do as long as it didn’t threaten her life. So i am looking for ideas for an mild to extreme punishment. It can be anything I would like it to be embarrassing and risky.

Recently I Lost A Huge Bet To My Girlfriend?

we got in a argument on the sports and gender… and i basically said that guys were always at least a little bit better than girls at any sport…. well she took it up as a bet and beat me in a game of tennis. so now im basically forced to get on here and ask what girls i have to wear for 2 days (including everything) and what i have to do those 2 days.

I Think My Girlfriend May Break Up With Me, Help!!?

So, i think i’ve messed up really bad. I just want to know if there is anything that I can do to fix it. Here goes:
I was trying to think of a great gift for my third anniversary with my girlfriend but I was having a hard time. She is always complaining that she hates her clothes, so I took them all when she was at work and gave them to the people in our complex that she doesn’t get along with.
I thought that seeing them wear clothes she hates would make her happy, it didn’t. My plan was then to take her on a shopping spree for all new clothes… but I am unemployed and addicted to internet gambling, so I maxed out all my credit cards that afternoon on a cold streak. So now she has no clothes except the ones she went to work in, and have $15,000 in credit card debt, all in one day.
So I have about three hours before she gets home and I need to fix this. So I call my buddy over to help me think, but he brings over this bag of killer mushrooms. we end up getting really stoned, and when she got home we were hiding under the table, eating peanut butter and pickled egg sandwiches. I tried to convince her that i was drunk, not high, but neither made her happy. She was mad, but she went upstairs to change into something more comfortable and really lost it when her stuff was all gone.
While this was going on, my idiot friend stole our dvd player and ran out to the pawn shop with it. I tried telling her that we should just have sex and forget about everything that happened but apparently she wasn’t very horny. now she broke up with me and i had to suck up to the manager at the abc diner to get my job back. ( i was fired for trying to win gift certificates in a contest that employees were not eligible for )
is there anything that i can do to get her back, or should i just keep fooling around with the girl that ive been cheating on her with?