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Why Do They Give S**t?

Im 14, do alot of things for my age im black grew up in the ghetto i mainly like rap/hiphop/R&b ( i like all music except country/classical ),ANIME,video games,clothes worn on BET and sports… but yet ppl diss me about anime why do they care??? by the way i kill ppl in football and sometimes in basketball and ESPECIALLY video games… i hope my new school isnt so simpleminded…..

I Want To Become A Professional Sport Better, And Give Expert Advice To People…anyone Know How?

I bet every day..mostly tennis, football, baseball, basketball and ice-hockey. How can i get a job as an expert better…and where…give advice to people about betting.

Can Anyone Give Me Any Tips On Being Successful At Rugby League Betting?

Im not very good at rugby league betting

Im Making A Website That Will Give Out Prize Money. How Can I Make Sure Im Following All Rules & Regulations?

Do I need any kind of permit? Its not a gambling site, just a site where you can win money. Is there any state laws or internet laws I need to be aware of? Where can I look for answers? Thanks

If Some Site On Internet Give Me 1 Mollion Us $ Just Because I Am The 9999th Person To Open Her Relaventsite?

a site which give price on gambling have promised to pay 1 million US $ because am the 9999th person to open her site and know he is asking to claim for money but for that he want my credit card number and 14.99$ per month to gamble on her site should i trust him

What Kind Of Job Can Give Me The Same Rush As When I Gamble?

When I play poker or bet on sports I get a rush which is the same feeling as when I was in high school and college playing sports. Since I’m not going pro in sports anytime soon gambling is the only thing that gives me that kind of feeling. Is there a job that anyone could think of that would give me this feeling?????

No More Bets Please.i Give You The Next President Of The United States Of America.?



Why Do People With A Gambling Addiction Not Know That Casinos/betting Shops Are Not There To Give Cash Away?

Deep down they do, just as the junkie knows that one day his fix will kill him. Just as the alcoholic or smoker knows the damage he is doing to his body. I smoked from fifteen to sixty five, just two years ago. It almost killed me but I still crave a cigarette. The answer to your question is in the question. Addiction, that is one horrible word to many of us friend. Be thankful you are not one of us.

What Is Your Best Sports Bet Of The Week? Give Us A Tip.?

I’d hit the monday night game between Pittsburgh and Jacksonville, if you’re just betting with friends. Stick with Pittsburgh.

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Can Anyone Give Me A Safe Betting Web Site?

I want to try betting on English premiership league from the US online, yet manage to find it difficult to trust the ocean of scam out there in the internet.
thanks lads