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Is This A Sign Of A Business Going Tubby-bye-byes In The Near Future?

The usually reclusive owner of Sports Direct has stirred up both controversy and publicity in the City by branding certain investors ?a bunch of cry babies? and declaring that shares in Sports Direct are ?not for the fainthearted?. Due to ?exceptionally difficult” trading conditions in the wet weather, the company issued a profit warning but controversially refused to release like-for-like trading figures and consequently shares plummeted 25% in one day. Speaking to the press, Mr Ashley said: ?I am building a long-term business. I can?t spend all my time worrying if the share price goes up and down. It may drop to 80p, but over three years I am betting it will be nearer 800p. I have built the company over 25 years and I am planning the next 25 years. But all anyone wants to talk to me about is what happened in June”.
Am I alone in thinking this means big trouble?

Did You Know We Are All Going To Hell?

If anyone’s had the chance to catch a Mr. Micah Armstrong (originally of the Assembly of God Church in Miami but left because they were hypocrites) on their campus, then I’m sure you’ve come to one conclusion…….apparently you’re going to hell.
Reasons include:
Pot Smoking
Cigarette Smoking
Alcohol Drinking
Guitar Playing
Having a Tattoo
Showing Cleavage
Showing Bellybuttons
Girls Showing Their Knees
Girls Showing Their Elbows
Girls Wearing Tight Pants
Girls Wearing Miniskirts
Being Blonde
Being Fat
Kissing on the Mouth before Marriage
Holding Hands before Marriage
Having Premarital Sex
Having Anal Sex
Having Oral Sex
Being Homosexual
Judging People (He wasn’t though, he was being honest)
Being Selfish
Playing Sports
Women Working
Watching BET
Watching MTV
Watching VH1
Watching TNT
Associating With Hollywood
Listening to ?Gangsta Rap?, Techno, Christian Bands, and Rock and Roll
Believing in Evolution
Being Catholic
Being Jewish
Being Buddhist
Being Methodist

Is It Too Late To Bet On Who’s Going To Win The Super Bowl?

I hate sports, but I hate feeling left out even more.

Me And My Sister Don’t Talk Much. And We’re Going To Be Stuck For A While…?

so my family is going to las vegas tomorrow. while the adults go and gamble, me and my sister are gonna be stuck in the hotel room. i don’t have a phone anymore so i won’t be able to call my friends. and i won’t have any internet connection either. so i’m pretty much stuck with my sister. she doesn’t talk to me unless she’s forced to. i really don’t know how we ended up not speaking to each other.
so i really don’t know what to do when we’re stuck in the hotel together. i know that my choices are either doing things that i can do on my own without bothering my sister, or i could do things with my sister and maybe fix our problem about not talking.
what’s there to do?

Are There Any Betting Pools Going On That You Can Refer That Pres. Obama Will/not Be Caught In A Sex Scandal?

Since it seems to be the in thing these days. I think I’ll get a little extra money from Christmas this year that I can gamble with.
Thanks for your kind responses. Merry CHRISTmas, Happy Hanukkah and Kwanzaa to all!!

How Many Of You Heard Of The Site Dotblu.and All The Underage And Corruption Of The Site Going On?

mixing children from age 8 to adults.running a competitive gambling site.children are posting there emails and phone numbers for older men in the chat rooms.this is being let to go on.It was reported to admin.but they turned there back.younger girls lying about there ages.one case a girl was a 11,leading men on that she was 30.then admitted her real age,i just think this site is ran poorly.they cater to who they like,asians,are one.Ive turned this site into the Better business B.my young daughter was caught by me in a chat room.where she had 5 grown men asking her where she lived.Parents watch your children this site is corrupt and should be taken off the internet or ran by different people.two grown men run this site.and let children post there pictures up.How many of you ever heard of this site.lets gets dotblu investigated.before a child gets hurt.one 13 yr old girl met a 23 yr old man all ready and he assaulted her. mothers lets come together and fight dotblu.

Where Is Hossa Going Or Is He Staying With Pittsburgh?

Also I’m in for a bet, anyone in about any sport.

Anybody Going To The Consumer Electronics Show In Vegas Next Week?

I am, can’t wait. Lot of good sporting events to bet on, NFL playoffs, BCS championship, college basketball. Should be a crazy week. If you’re going are you staying in a good hotel? I couldn’t get my company to spring for a room at one of the top places, settling for the Orleans Hotel. Anybody know if it’s any good?

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Me And My Friend Are Betting On Whose Going To Win The Ut Vs. Ttu Game. What Would Be A Good Bet?

Ok. so my friend goes to ttu and I got to UT. The UT vs. TTU game is this saturday. (hook em!) and we’re wondering what would be like good terms of a bet. like whoever loses have to shave their legs or something. does anybody have any humiliating ideas?

Are You Going To Bet On The Superbowl Or Wager On Sports Today?

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