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Is Usc Gonna Be That Good To Be Only 3 To 1 Odds To Win It All Next Year In Football ?


Is Anyone Actually Gonna Bet For Sporting Lisbon To Go Through In The Champions League?

they got thrashed 5-0 by bayern munich at home yesterday – is anyone actually gonna bet that they progress? :D
…i was actually gonna put a quid on that for a laugh haha
but you never know!

So, For Those Of You Who Won From Betting On The Giants Victory, What Are You Gonna Do With Your Winnings?

Go have fun, go out and party and get something nice?
I got some replies from users saying how they won a few hundred, and one user said his friend made $2,100 by making a few scattered bets on the game or something like that. I’d be interested to hear how you’re gonna enjoy yourself.