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Any Help On Betting On Greyhound Dog Races?

this is my first time going to a dog track and i was wondering if theres any help ya’ll can give me.

Dog Lovers, I Bet Greyhound Breeders Are More Guilty Of Animal Cruelty Than Dog Fighters?

You know greyhound racing is a somewhat popular sport and you know greyhound dog breeders do it for the money so they select the ones to keep and what do you think they do with the ones that don’t measure up. And worse, what do you think they do to the campions that win all the dog races after that dog gets older? I like animals but I really wonder if a dog is worth a man’s life?

Sky Sports – Greyhound Derby For Free?

was hoping to watch the greyhound racing live on sky sports 2 tonight..dont have sky or on any betting accounts..any ideas???

Anyone Know Of A Site To Download Free Greyhound Betting Software?

I need software that I can enter the dogs stats in and it calculate which dog will win.