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Have You Heard Of A Derby Betting Board?

This is a betting board that you make at home from a poster board.
Has anyone ever heard of a Derby betting game where you pick squares for each race for a dollar amount and the further across the board you get the more the square cost. And There is a winner each round?
I assume that this is like the Football boards but if anyone could give me insight I would greatly appreciate it.
How many squares, cost of each, how to determine winners, etc.

Will Espn Decision Have A Big Effect On Yahoo?

Now that espn has decided to go with free fantasy baseball will that effect the turn out of yahoo’ers. Espn being the premier sports site now will offer fantasy baseball for free it has a start date slotted at Feb 16th. If I was yahoo I would try to bet them to the punch and open sooner. Once espn opens and if the baseball drafts are set up like their football drafts (running about 12hrs a day nostop) then its a good possibility that Yahoo’ers will jump boat for espn. Hmmm just a thought!

How Can I Develope My Bussiness? I Have An Web Site And I Invested Almost All In This…?

We started this bussiness 5 months ago and I put all my money in it… I worked 24/7 since then, but still we don’t get much traffic. We love sports and decided to start this web-site with news and soccer tips, www.tips-on-bet.com . I expected to make some money through traffic and ads, or maybe to find a sponsor. We are at the begining yet and could use any help now.

Have Any Members Of The Man Utd Squad From 2000-current Been On A Question Of Sport?

bit of a random question, but need evidence of any answers given in order to settle and arguementt and win a bet!!

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Attention: Sports Bettors! I Have A Question For You.?

I heard an interview yesterday with a guy from the Las Vegas Hilton sportsbook. He said that they alone will see between 94 and 97 million in wagers on the Super Bowl. The line came out at NE -14 and it is already down to 12. He also said that the 94 to 97 million only represents 2% of the wagers that will be bet on the Super Bowl. Now to the question. Does this blow your mind that this much money is bet on a single game?
That is way over a billion dollars. This does not even include office pools and blocks and such. Does this sound like a country on the verge of a recession to you?

What Size Pants Does A Woman Have To Wear Before Having A Big Belly Comes With It?

serious question! i don’t know squat about how women size their pants. for instance, if a woman wears a size 12, is it a good bet that she’s sporting a big belly too? what is the cut-off size between just a little chubby and just downright fat?


Lost A Bet To My Gf I Have To Wear What You Vote As Best?

i lost a bet to my gf over something stupid…i said that she couldnt beat me in a sport cus i was stronger…and she said she could…she picked dancing which to her is a sport and she beat me cus shes a dancer…
you have to pick 10 items that i have to wear.
she would prefer female items and what ever is voted best i waer

Why Do They Have Small Pen’s At Argos & Betting Shops?

Can any one tell me why Argo’s and in betting shops you only get small pens why arn’t they normal size pens?

Why Do Only Pretty Animals Have Rights?

Okay, Michael Vick gets caught training pit bulls to fight and everyone freaks. I bet he has killed cockroaches before and no one is upset. Every hear about dolphin-safe tuna? Why doesn’t anyone care about the darn tuna! Plus, many people hunt for sport. I don’t think what Vick did was a big deal, I’m sorry.

Do I Have A Gambling Problem?

I bet on at least one sports game every day, not much usually at most two hundred. But I think I may have a problem. I generally win , and if I win I dont think that is a problem. How can I win more. Anyone know any good games in the next couple weeks.