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Any Gamblers Out There, I Need Help?

I sometimes bet online and it’s always very small amounts and I never bet on sports. My problem is I was messing around and put a bet on for 77 euro on the following by mistake!!! I don’t know how I did it, anyways what have I got myself into
Coca Cola C’ship Matches
Barnsley v Hull
2008-04-15 19:45:00
Market: Half-Time/Full-Time
Selection: Barnsley / Hull
Price: 30 – 1
Bet Type: Single
To Win

Are There Any Good Programs That I Can Download To Help Me With Betting On Horses?

You’ll find a lot of different types of horse racing betting applications on these sites.

Help!!! I Need Ideas For A Bet!!!?

My boyfriend is an avid Orioles fan, while I am an extreme Red Sox fan. What would be a good sports oriented bet to make with him about who would win the majority of games when the Red Sox play the Orioles (and vice versa)?

Bodog Sports Gambling Help?

i placed a bet it says
Hockey – NHL (Game) Total
(69) Calgary Flames vs. (70) San Jose Sharks Under 5 (+120) Mon@10:05p
Risk US$ 8.00 to win US$ 9.60
i picked the sharks they are winning 3 0 right now im not really sure what i betted though??

Any Help With Hockey Betting?

I’m from Montreal, we have a sports lottery called „Total”, I was wondering if anybody can tell with almost certainty what the final outcome will be for any of tonight’s games:
Teams-Total (Over or Under)
Florida at Atlanta 5.5
New Jersey at Carolina 5.5
Philadelphia at NY Rangers 5.5
Buffalo at Ottawa 6.5
Minnesota at Detroit 5.5
Montreal at Boston 5.5
Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay 6.5
Dallas at St. Louis 5.5
Phoenix at Edmonton 5.5
Toronto at Los Angeles 6.5
Vancouver at San Jose 4.5
Total is basically determining whether the final score will be over or under the game line. I’m leaning on Dallas, Detroit and New Jersey games to be under 5.5 but I would like to know what your thoughts are. Thanks in advance.

Sports Gambling Help?

I am new to gambling and I would like some help. If you have any sites that will show the VERY basics to how it works please tell me.
What I am wondering is, lets say I want to bet on a football game, do most people bet on just 1 game, or a spread of games.
I also dont mean just online betting, I mean like betting with a bookie too.
If they do bet on just a game too, like what would it be….
Like if I put $100 on the game, what do I get…
Please also explain to me what the odds mean and like what -100 and stuff means…

What Is Your Stand On Aggregate Betting In The Casino? Will It Help Increase Customer Attendance?

I believe it would help.

Any Help On Betting On Greyhound Dog Races?

this is my first time going to a dog track and i was wondering if theres any help ya’ll can give me.

Help With Contest Drawing?

I just created a forum for people to talk about their sports bets. Right now we are having a contest drawing for a prize. To be entered all you have to do is have at least 10 productive posts and every post there after you get 1 entry. If you refer someone you get 2 entries. Here is where my question comes in. I dont know what kind of prize to offer. Can anyone help me decide what kind of prize i should give to the winner? Cash? Gift card? A particluar prize?


Hey Girls Plz Help Me I Won A Bet Against My Boyfriend He Has To Wear Panties But I Have To Suprise Him?

so anyway i won a sports bet against my boyfriend a couple days ago and the bet was if i won he would have to wear panties for 2 whole years and i want to punish him for wat he said he said that girls cant beat guys at anything and that guys r better and besides when he beat me at a bet a couple months ago and he threw all my panties away when i wasn’t home and made me where whitey tighties and he thought it was so funny so where can i buy him panties and what kind should i buy him and should i get rid of his boxers and all his underwear because he isn’t home and he wont be for 3 days ideas plz help me with this and this is all for fun and besides girls rule