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Gambling In High School?

Well my friends and I like to gamble. Actually, we pretty much bet on any sports event. Right now I’m deff. doing good but im afraid it will soon be a problem. What should I do?

Why Is Cal Ripken’s Record Held In Such High Regard?

I understand that he was a phenomenal player and should be an easy first round HOF entrant, but what is the big deal with the streak?
I understand that showing up and playing every day is somewhat of an accomplishment, but it is held up there with some of the greatest sports feats of all time and I think that is sad.
First and foremost, how many guys actually shoot for this record? Most don’t care. If everyone was trying for it, don’t you bet there would be at least a dozen others (maybe more) that would have achieved the consecutive games? This was pretty much a 5 man competition (assuming 4 others care) and he won…big deal.
In choosing to shoot for such a record, is it not possible that playing through nagging injuries, soreness, etc might have caused Ripken’s contributions to lack at times? What if with proper rest he would have been 10% more productive in his career, would that diminish the record?

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Why Do People Look At High Definition Tv In Absolute Amazement?

Ok granted watching a movie or sporting event on a nice tv is nice. Big tv, nice picture, I get it its better than older small TVs. But I’m talking about those people that will sit there and talk about the resolution and how real the grass and trees look, will sit there and just in absolute amazement like its something they have never seen before. If your watching a sporting event, do we really need to see the individual blades of grass, and the beads of sweat coming off the atheletes, the texture of the ball. If you want to look at a grass or trees you could just go out side and look real grass and real trees, take a look at a real ball yourself? whats the resolution of real things in real life, i bet its higher than 1080p? Why do people need this level of detail on a tv?

Address Of Dunes Bookmakers High Wycombe?

49, The Green,
Wooburn Green,
High Wycombe,
HP10 0EU
Tel: 01628 527888
Fax: 01628525885
Map: http://www.multimap.com/map/browse.cgi?c?

One Of The High Street Bookmakers Are Offering Odds Of 1/2 For Tottenham To Beat Watford (at Tottenham)?

Do you think this is worth a substantial bet.

Why Are Internet Gambling Websites Pay Out Fees So High?

It’s ridiculous at betus.com they charge 50 bucks for a courier check and even more on wire transfers. Also is there any way u can gamble on sports by calling Vegas to make a sports bet and if so is it cheaper

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Do High Street Bookmakers Such As Labrookes Allow Parents To Take Children Inside?

If not, what is the age limit?

What Are The Major High Street Bookmakers In New Zealand Called?

What are the main bookies in NZ called?
Looking for a move from UK to NZ and need a job for arrival.